Saturday, February 20, 2010

Leave Me In Peace

I was driving back home with a friend. Steve was a guy I could always rely on for a ride because he lived in my neighborhood and enjoyed the company of others. After a fishing trip with a few of the guys, we ate some food, chilled at a friend’s house, played ping-pong, and went to the mall. A lot of stuff happened in one whole day and I was in a daze the entire time, but the one thing that made my night was her.

As Steve drove up Tampa Avenue, I stared at the cars that passed by and the scenery of a beautiful winter night in California. Streetlights guided us towards home like lighthouses. Fireflies flew across the sidewalks as children smiled and tried to catch them with their tiny hands. The wind blew kisses and everything was calm.

I looked into the other cars and noticed a green Honda with two teenage girls in the back. One girl with blonde hair stuck her index and middle finger up and showed the sign.


She banged on her window with her peace sign and I stuck up my two fingers too. She smiled. I smiled. It was like a strange reflection from two separate cars, two separate worlds.

“What are you doing?” Steve concentrated on the road with both hands on the wheel; he was rather tired tonight after a long day and could not look me in the eyes.

“That girl gave me the peace-sign; I thought I should return the favor.” I smiled as the wind ruffled my hair from the open window.

“That’s just awesome,” he stared at the oncoming street sign. “Now, that is something to write about, huh?” He quickly hit my shoulder with a light punch to get my attention away from the window, away from the girl, who was still going in our direction.

The girl’s friend, a brunette with a beautiful smile, gave the peace sign too. She wore a green-striped white shirt that stuck out in the darkness of her car.

“Way better than getting the middle finger any day, huh?” Steve said as he turned toward the window to see that the green Honda was speeding up and now was directly in front of us. The girls turned around and pounded their peace signs on the rear window as they drifted off. Their driver made a right turn onto the freeway and I never saw them again, but my memory of them remained.

I put my two fingers down, the peace sign turned into a fist. I rolled my window up because I couldn’t take the kisses from the wind any longer.

“Are you back yet?” Steve asked me because he knew I would drift off on people at times into my thoughts and moments like this one.

“Yeah,” I sighed, “I’m back.”

“So,” he ruffled his muffin-top black hair and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, “what did you think of today?”

“Awesome,” I unraveled my fist and put my hand flat on my lap. “It was pretty chill.”

“Cool, cool,” he nodded his head in agreement.

I turned on the radio in the car and decided to continue what the girl in the green Honda had taught me. I waved the peace sign throughout the streets with my window open again and received smiles back from people in their cars.

This was what life was all about, spreading peace throughout the world, one car at a time. All it took was lifting up two fingers from a teenager to make some people in the world smile. Two simple fingers that made a V-shape to make someone like myself wander in thought for days. The memory will remain embedded inside my mind forever.

I wish you all peace, my friends, from my computer screen to yours.


jeannine said...

Vatche this was great. Wonderful job. I loved it. It's true there needs to be peace in this world and it's wonderful how people smile as their respond to your peace sign.It makes me smile to.Your stories make me smile and I love that. It makes my day.It was very wonderful and touching. Great job. You put an outstanding meaning through this story. Throughout every story in fact. You have great talent that God blessed you with. I am thankful and really happy that I know you and the things you write. Wonderful way to express yourself through. I loved it. Once again keep it up. Peace to you to.

Anonymous said...

Peace bro! Nothing beats the smile of a pretty babe yeah =D

Vatche said...

Thank you, Jeannine, I'm glad you loved it. I agree that there needs to be peace in this world, too. I'm also glad that my stories make your day. Thanks for the overwhelming amount of support!

Peace, Anonymous. You're right that nothing beats a smile; it doesn't matter who it's from whether it's a girl or guy.Thank you for your comment; it is appreciated.

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