Saturday, March 20, 2010

Carried Off with the Wind: A Poem

Cherry blossoms fly into the wind,

Her hair like waves on a rocky shore,

She has sinned,

And she shall sin no more.

Upon this grave she lies on her knees,

Pounding her fists away,

Underneath this damn cherry tree,

Again they lie together but it’s not the same.

He is somewhere else,

He cannot feel the breeze,

She blames herself,

For now he lies among the leaves.

She is cold,

He is dead,

She has no hand to hold,

“I wish you were here,” she said.

She cries on the dirt,

Her fists stopped their pounding,

Though she still feels hurt,

She understands how harsh she must’ve been sounding,

“But I miss him,” she whispered,

As she felt his warm hands on her cheeks,

She whimpered,

It was he, but now he had wings.

She understood where he was,

No longer in the grounded Earth,

She took a deep breath and a pause,

She felt a sort of rebirth.

She saw his face again even though it was only for a moment,

Underneath the cherry blossom tree, the wind continued to blow,

No longer will he be absent,

She knew now he will always be there to watch her grow.

"Give me your hand," he gave her his palm,

Together they walked off into the evening calm.


Ms. Chyme said...

Such a great blog. im now a follower.

Vatche said...

Thank you, Ms. Chyme, for joining me on my journey.

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