Monday, April 5, 2010

We Are Rebels: A Poem

Inspired by George Orwell's 1984

Dangerous is the eyes that can read,

Dangerous is the hand that can write,

Dangerous is the mouth that can speak,

Dangerous is the mind that can think.

It is dangerous to be human, can’t you see?

It is horrible to be ourselves, don’t you agree?

We can’t do anything, just stand here and wait,

For our lives to end in this cruel world, in our controlled state.

We have to wait patiently, ‘cause that’s what they said,

So hush-hush now so that we can be fed,

If you don’t be quiet, they’ll hear,

They have eyes and ears everywhere.

Cameras with blinking red eyes,

Bugs that look just like flies,

Microchips in the back of your brain,

Isn’t this a wonderful place?

Jail is what our city has become,

How could we be so dumb?

We have given in to them,

Our city was such a gem.

Let them take control of who we are,

Let them take control of what we are,

Let them take control of who I am,

Let them take control of who I used to be.

What type of life is this?

A life full of hatred for those who move us pawns,

We will never see a new dawn,

Those players of the massive chess game of life,

Have made it so our executions happen tonight.

So do you want to escape?

Do you want to live another day?

In another world?

In another place?

Just give me your hand,

Take a stand and be a man,

We will head where the sun shines,

We will cross all the borderlines.

Be prepared to live a life where you must think,

A life where you can write with fresh ink,

With brand new eyes that can read anything,

And with brilliant words, which you can sing.


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