Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saying Goodbye

Yesterday, I didn’t see my school as a place that gave out mountains of tests by sneaky teachers or for it looking like a prison. What I saw on the last official day of school of senior year was a home.

I saw my friends signing shirts with tears in their eyes as they remembered the good times. I listened to the teachers giving their last lectures. Endless amounts of cakes, brownies, and cookies handed out on paper plates to craving hands. I noticed the faces of the people I grew up with had all grown into the faces of mature adults. It has been several long years and with each student, I’ve had a memory that I will cherish and forever remember.

All my friends, classmates, and teachers signed my old, white school shirt with their catchphrases, drawings, and wishes. They chose a color from a dozen and told me what they had to say in simple words.

“Vatche, always follow your dreams and aspirations. Best of luck,” Shant S. wrote in capital blue letters.

“Stitch!!! I love you my little bro!!! I don’t know how it happened or when, but I’m glad it did! You are an amazing writer, but above all else, you are an amazing person. Never stop being who you are,” Ani C. (A.K.A *Dreamer*) wrote in purple letters and instead of ending it with a period, she ended it with a heart.

“Stay creative. Be you. Love, Anne-Marie.”

“You’re like the coolest writer I know,” written by Hrag, one of my oldest friends.

“Keep writing! See you in Irvine. Zot! Zot!— Ani S.”

Thousands upon thousands of words and almost a hundred signatures are all on this shirt. My white polo was now flooded with the colorful memories of everyone and I thank all of them for the time they shared with me: the laughs, the cries, the fights, the brawls, the competitions, the obstacles, the tests, the deaths, the games, the love, the hate, and the connections that were made.

I have a lot of junk on my shelf and in my drawers. Keepsakes (or Sentimentals, that’s what I like to call them) from the seashells I found on Malibu Beach on my eighteenth birthday to the fortune I received on the day I went to Knott’s Berry Farm for Senior Ditch Day. The paper airplane I found on the school’s floor that was ridden with math problems and next to it was Amy’s silver watch. A blue stone I found in my pocket with the words “GRATITUDE” engraved on it that didn’t belong to anyone in my family, so I decided to keep it. A wonderful friend’s Christmas Teddy Bear that sat idly staring at me with its beady eyes.

But, the greatest Sentimental I have, by far, is now this shirt with all those beautiful signatures. Thank you, Class Family of 2010, you guys are truly the best.


Anonymous said...

I don't like how you forced me to write on your shirt man...What was that all about dude?

Vatche said...

Well, I didn't exactly "force" anyone, Anonymous. I just asked, "Would you like to write on my shirt?" and if you wanted to, you could've, but you could've also easily declined the offer. I'm glad you did sign my shirt though, whoever you are. Thanks :)

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