Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award

So, this week I was awarded my first blogger award, the Versatile Blogger Award, by Amparo. Then, mid-week I was awarded with it again, but this time it was from Nicole. Then, yesterday I was awarded with it for a third time by Bec. I would just like to thank all of them for this award. Their blogs are awesome so, check them out if you can, dear readers.

There are rules to the award though that I must follow or...I will be attacked by several ninjas, pirates, robots, zombies or a ninja-pirate-robot that happened to turn into a zombie.

The Rules:

1) Thank and link back to the person (or people, in my case) that gave you the award.

2) Share seven things about myself.

3) Pass the award to fifteen bloggers, who I have recently discovered and who I think are fantastic for whatever reason. (In no particular order...)

4) Lastly, contact the bloggers that I've picked for the award.

Ok, so now I'll share seven things you probably didn't know about me and then I'll list the fifteen winners of the award.

1) I am a neat-freak. When I went to Armenia with my friends, they even said, "Vatche, you know the maids have a job for a reason. Stop being a neat-freak!" I really just can't stand being untidy sometimes.

2) I am a very friendly person and will listen to anybody, which is why my parents don't let me answer the door at times, because they are afraid that I'll bring a Jehovah's witness or traveling salesman inside the house. All I want to do is listen to their stories of being a Jehovah's witness or a salesman really.

3) Though I'm talkative now I used to be very shy.

4) I've had several nicknames while growing up, but I've finally got a permanent nickname: Stitch.

5) I'm named Stitch because apparently to my friends, I do the same crazy things that Stitch, from Disney's Lilo & Stitch, does and I have his hair, except it's not blue.

6) I'm born on March 17, 1992, also known as St. Patrick's Day.

7) Stephen King is my idol, since he persevered through so much and has become a famous icon not only in the literary world but also in pop culture. I want to be like him someday though our writing styles are very different.

Ok, that's it for the seven things.

Now, the Versatile Blogger Award goes out to...

1. William Michaelian for always being there for me.

2. Terresa for her constant support.

3. Imola for her awesome feedback and her philosophical posts.

4. Ashelynn for her funny and awesome blog posts.

5. Falen for her cool advice and telling me about writing-tech stuff like Wordle.

6. Patty for her great book reviews and for always emailing me to start conversations.

7. Angelique for her cool blog on not only vampires but also tofu. (Just kidding there is no tofu involved, only concise and well-written book reviews.)

8. Owning the Words for her enticing, raw poetry and intriguing posts.

9. Karen because like her blog, she is always "write".
10. Cruella for her laugh-out-loud posts on all things writing or not.

11. Creepy Query Girl for her fantastic site that always keeps me entertained.

12. Rachel for her thoughts on all books such as Arabian Nights and Dubliners.

13. Simone for her taste in fine art and her fine poetry.

14. Angel-Star for being thoughtful and having thought-provoking posts.

15. E. Elle for posting up fun reads on her blog.

Thank you everyone for everything. Now, share the award and follow the rules or pirates, ninjas, robots, and zombies will attack!


Terresa said...

Wonderful award, and 3 times over, that's a feat!! Congrats, Vatche, or should I say Stitch?

And thank you for including me in your award line up. You are kind. :)

PS: I smiled to read that you like to listen to other people's stories, even JW's & salesmen. That is a key ingredient to becoming a writer -- listening to stories and then maybe making some of them into your own.

Creepy Query Girl said...

Thanks Vatche! You rock! St. Patrick's day is one of my favorite holidays (strangely enough). It might be my irish heritage but I make a point to celebrate it in the Irish-American fashion and share the traditions with my french students. So I guess you could say I get pretty excited about your birthday every year! lol. OMG you're so YOUNG! I was ten years old in 1992:)

Cruella Collett said...

Oh, wow - thank you so much! So glad no ninjas or pirates or robots (or all of the above) came to get you! I will have to think long and hard on this one. Seven things about myself.. What will I chose..?

Anyway, what this post REALLY made me want to know if your mouth functions as a grammophone like Stitch's..? ;)

Ashelynn D. Sanford said...

Thank you, Vatche! I got this award from Olivia, but I do like it when I get it more times because it just means I'm popping up everywhere. Lol.

Jemi Fraser said...

Congrats on the award!

Stephen King is a good hero to have - very bright man :)

Amanda Sablan said...

I can be overly friendly too...
And you DO have Stitch's hair! :D

That was sweet at the end when you gave reasons for why those bloggers received the award!

Vatche said...

Hey, Terresa! Thank you for everything and you can call me whatever you prefer, Stitch, Vatche, or anything really.

I'm glad you enjoyed the piece, especially the part about the people that knock on my front door. You are right about the whole making their story my own, because that is what I see in their eyes. I see the character in them and I want to write their souls onto the page.

Write on, Terresa! You rock!

Vatche said...

Bonjour, Creepy Query Girl, your welcome on your award! You completely deserve it!

St. Patrick's Day is one of my favorite holidays, as well, and it's not only because it is my birthday but also because I have some Irish blood in me, as well.

I guess you can say that I'm young and that I have my whole life ahead of me, but I'll make the most of it with all of my Followers by my side. Your awesome comments only continue to push me to pursue my passion of writing and accomplish my dreams of being published someday.

Thanks for everything and write on!

P.S. ST. Patty's Day Rules!

Vatche said...

No problemo, Cruella, you're one of the coolest writers on Blogger that I know, so you completely deserve it! :D

I'm also glad no robots, ninjas, zombies, or pirates came to get me, though they've been sending me signs in my mailbox and I felt their eyes watching me until I finally wrote this post. They've left now, but they also left some goodies behind like a ninja star and a peg leg...pretty awesome really. They probably gave it to me as compensation for all the hard time they were giving me with their stares and what not. They'll be coming after you next, so watch out!

I can't wait to read what you will come up with for the seven things about yourself. I know it'll be filled with interesting stories.

Also, my mouth doesn't function like a gramophone like Stitch's voice, but I can do a pretty good impersonation of his voice. I do it for my friend's all the time. "Ooh. Ahh. Hi!"

Anyway, enjoy your award, write on, and rock on!

Vatche said...

You're welcome, Ashelynn. The more times you receive the award, the better you feel, right?

You're an awesome writer and you deserve this award, especially. I always enjoy reading your posts and you're always commenting on my posts, so this is a personal "thank you" to you.

Enjoy your award and write on!

Vatche said...

Alo, Jemi, thank you for the congrats. I promise to share my next award with you and several others!

As for Stephen King, he's an awesome idol/role model for me. I've looked up to him as my idol for five years now. He's the type of writer I strive to be.

Thank you for your comments, as well, and your awesomeness. Write on and rock on!

Vatche said...

Hey, Amanda, I was going to give you the award, but I saw you already received I'll just give you the next one. :D

As for Stitch's hair, that was the primary reason for calling me Stitch actually.

Thank you for your kind words, I thought of making the award somehow memorable and special by adding my own mix into it with the reasons why the fellow Blogger deserved the award.

Thanks for the comments and the awesome feedback on everything. You rule! Write on and rock on!

WritingNut said...

Congratulations Vatche! You deserve it :)

It's great that you listen to others stories, because everyone has a story to tell - and if we're afraid to hear them, how will we ever know them?

P.S. I agree with Amanda - it was very cool how you personalized passing on the awards.

Owning the Words said...

First and foremost, Congratulations! Your blog is pretty cool so you deserve it :)

Thank you, thank you for the award and recognition. I truly appreciate it! Have a great week.

E. Elle said...

Thanks Vatche! I've never seen this award so I'm doubly honored to receive it. I love "Lilo & Stitch"! I got a huge, stuffed Stitch for my 17th birthday and he's slept on my bed ever since. Plus the movie takes place where there are beaches and surfing and beautiful scenery and fish eating peanut butter sandwiches. And Elvis, of course. Very little makes me happier than all that.

Thanks again!

Vatche said...

Thank you, Writing Nut, for your kind words.

You're right everyone does have a story to tell, which makes being a writer difficult in this world.

What makes my story stand out above all the rest?

Why should people listen to my story?

One must listen to other people's stories, too, in order to improve his/her own. I listen to other people's stories not only for the story but also to help them out to focus on the right path when they are confused or do not know where to step.

I'm glad that you enjoyed what I did with the personalizing of the award, I always like putting my own spin on things, I guess.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, write on and rock on!

Vatche said...

Thank you, Owning the Words, for everything you've done and for your kind words. No problemo on the recognition and the award, YOU deserve it!

Now, enjoy your weekend (what's left of it at least), your following weeks, the entire year, the following years, and everything else. Write on and rock on!

Vatche said...

You're welcome, E. Elle, you deserve it! I'm glad you enjoy it and haven't received it yet until I gave it to you, so that rocks!

I'm also glad that you like "Lilo & Stitch"; it's actually one of my favorite Disney movies really.

I love me some Elvis on occasions, especially during work it could be fun swinging around to "Jailhouse Rock."

Anyway, write on and rock on, E. Elle!

Imola said...

I have just received an interesting quote as comment: 'Those who face that which is actually before them, unburdened by the past, undistracted by the future, these are they who live, who make the best use of their lives; these are those who have found the secret of contentment.' Alban Goodier; (Allow me to give credit to my commentator:

Why have I chosen to sent you this fragment? Because it says much more about freedom; eventually, it is the norm that makes us act thus or thus (like stick to the rules of a game, this one, of awarding prizes, for instance!), when we should seek to act instinctively, naturally...

I hope that you were not offended by my hesitation to comply with the rules of this game; It was not even by far intended as such!


Karen Denise said...

Thanks Vatche! What a cool award. I'll be posting about it soon.
I love your number 2 thing about yourself. I can just picture you listening to a sales pitch for an hour-lol.

Falen said...

aww thanks! And i agree - Stephen King is AWESOME SAUCE

The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

Felicitations Honey,

It is well deserved and it means a ton coming from such a sweet soul. Now I must ask you to understand me not posting the award for sadly I haven't the time what with work and writing. I hope you will call off the pirates, ninjas, robots, and zombies for your very grateful friend.

Again my thanks and warmest regards,


Amanda Sablan said...

Vatche, I thought of giving you the award, but then I saw you already had it as well! The next one has your name on it too! :)

Vatche said...

Don't worry, Imola, about not following the rules of the award, just be happy and joyous that you received it, because that's what I want to see.

As for the quote, I really like it and I'm going to write it down somewhere to keep in mind.

Thank you for commenting and telling me how you feel about the award and its rules. I really appreciate your opinions, as always.

Cheers! Write on and fight on!

Vatche said...

Hello, Karen, I'm glad you like the award. :)

As for listening to a sales-pitch for hours and hours, I usually change the subject when it comes to the sales pitch and ask the person how he/she got involved in the business and how it's like.

I save all my money on books anyway, so they are not getting a dime out of me!

Write on!

Vatche said...

Don't worry, Simone! I'm sure the pirates, zombies, robots, and ninjas will stop their attack on you because they understand your work schedule. Even though they are partially evil, they still have least, all of them have hearts, except the robots and maybe a few zombies.

Just enjoy the award is all that I ask.

Write on!

Vatche said...

Thank you, Amanda, for thinking of me! I already have a lot of reasons to give you the next, I just need the award...Just have to wait, I guess.

Write on!

Vatche said...

Hey, Falen! You're welcome on the award! You deserve it just as much as anybody else on the list.

And yes, Stephen King is most definitely AWESOME SAUCE!

Write on!

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