Saturday, July 31, 2010

In the Corner: A Poem

(This is a poem of mine written during some dark times.)

Right now,
There are no words to describe
What is going through her mind,
As she sits in the corner
Wishing that they had never met,
Wishing that nothing was ever said
Between them,
Between him and her,
She sits in her corner,
Wishing for no more hurt.

Her heart beats,
As she sleeps
Tears brush against her cheeks,
Black hair,
Curly and long,
She cries out and sobs,
Wishing and regretting,
There was no way they could go steady,
There was no way, no how,
She wanted to be happy,
She didn’t want to be with him,
She sits in her corner
Waiting for the horror to end.

She closes her eyes,
Sees his face,
Opens them and the image is still there,
Him and his stare,
She couldn’t stand the pain,
She was going insane,
Thinking of all the regrets in her life,
Thinking of all the screams in her head,
She sits in her corner,
Rocking herself to sleep instead of going to bed.

But sleep would not come,
For her thoughts were too much,
Too heavy was her heart,
Too heavy were her decisions,
Her visions,
Of a voice,
Calling her name,
It was him,
And how she regretted,
Oh so regretted,
Telling him to give up,
To move on,
That there would be other women
In his life,
In due time,
He would find the right one,
But he never did
Because now he was dead.

Suicide was his choice,
Knife to the heart,
That was only the start,
He dragged it down his chest,
And he would forever rest,
Coated with the liquid that was the color of their love:
Crimson red,
But also a hint of black.
A little trickle here and there,
Why did she not see this coming?
How could she have not seen the clues,
The signs,
The games of the mind?
She could not foretell it all,
It was not her fault,
That was what she said,
As she rocked herself in the corner instead of going to bed.

His ghost now haunts her in more ways than one,
Tells her that she is almost done,
Her time is up too,
That she was a fool,
To give up on him, to not take things forward,
So she holds out a silver knife
In her hand,
And stops her rocking, begins to stand,
Facing his ghost in a mirror,
It smiles and waves,
Wants to take her away,
She fights back,
But nothing can withstand,
The thoughts of peril, nervousness, anxiety and stress
Twisted into one
As she plunges the knife into her own heart.
In the corner, she resides,
Bleeding and losing her mind,
Hearing his wicked laughs,
That no one else could hear,
For it was all in her own mind and all of it was her own fear.

Have you ever experienced a relationship/friendship that had failed or didn't turn out quite as planned? Have you tried to fix such said relationship/friendship?

P.S. I know that I have yet to respond to the comments of the last post, but I've been kind of busy and stressed out lately. I'm going off to the University of California, Irvine for orientation and I've been having some trouble with my Internet provider, so it's been quite nerve-wrecking these past few days. I promise to answer and comment back on all comments for both the last post and this post by late Sunday afternoon. So, cheer up! :D


Carolyn V. said...

Wow, that's some poem! I think with life, most people experience a relationship gone wrong. But I was glad they did go wrong. It opened me up to new people and a great life. =)

Anonymous said...

Good stuff! And you've been tagged; head on over to my blog to see.

The Words Crafter said...

I love the part where his blood is the color of their love, crimson red but with a hint of black-ooooo, very insightful and descriptive. I also loved the twist at the end, clever.

Good luck with orientation, I've got one coming up too, blech!

Vatche said...

Hey, Carolyn!

I'm glad that you enjoyed the poem. I think I'm about the same when it comes to relationships, whether they were good or bad, I'm glad I had them anyway. It really does open myself up to new people and a greater life.

Write on and love on!

Vatche said...

Hello, Amanda!

I'm glad you enjoyed the post and I'll try to post up my own handwriting post maybe after a few blog posts.

Write on!

Vatche said...

Hey, The Words Crafter!

I try my best to be descriptive and apparently I have succeeded with you!

As for the twist at the end, I always love putting those up because readers always enjoy seeing something turn to something else before their eyes. Twists are my specialty, I guess, when I write.

Lastly, my orientation was epic. I had so much fun and it was boring at first, but once I opened myself up to people, it was awesome. I cried in the end. They were tears of joy for being felt so loved and tears of sadness for leaving there after two days of extreme fun.

Write on and I wish you the best for your orientation!

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