Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Mental Snack (25)

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"Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion; it is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality. But, of course, only those who have personality and emotion know what it means to escape from these." ~ Emily Dickinson

Do you write poetry? If so, is it an escape for you? If you don't write poetry, is writing an escape for you? What are you escaping from? 


Carolyn V. said...

I had to write poetry for a college course. It was very difficult and now I really appreciate those who do it well. =)

Janet Johnson said...

I admire Ms. Dickinson, though I'm no poet myself. But writing is definitely a break from the every day menial things (dishes, cooking, screaming kids).

Nicole MacDonald said...

I wrote a poem last week and posted the first I've written in years. i don't think it was an escape - more of a POV from inside my 'world' :)

Jemi Fraser said...

I used to write a lot more poetry than I do now. I go through it in phases. In high school and college I wrote a lot :)

Anonymous said...

The last poem I wrote (excluding a haiku for a blog contest) was in the third grade. About lizards. xD
I still remember it too so I'll post it one day.

For me, writing is more of a way for me to "turn loose" my emotions as Dickinson said; I'm not really escaping from anything I don't think...

The Words Crafter said...

Writing poetry is therapy for me. Often, it's enlightening, drawing from my subconscious and revealing those things I couldn't otherwise put my finger on. Other times, it's a compilation of what's been running around in my head, like Suffer The Children...lots of news about child abuse, etc., and then out comes the poem. Maybe it's more accurate for me to say it's a verbalization of thoughts hidden from my conscious psyche...

Tabitha Bird said...

I write poetry. Escape? Perhaps. Some more than others :)

Vatche said...

Hey, Carolyn!

That's so cool that you got to write poetry in college, I hope I get to that in UCI, as well.

At times, poetry can be difficult, but most of the time, I just let the pen flow through my fingertips and glide onto the page, so all my thoughts and emotions become splattered on all the white space.

Write on!

Vatche said...

Hello, Nicole!

I will read that poem that you've posted! I've been caught up in a few things lately in my schedule that I haven't been exactly blogging as much as I should, so I will definitely find some time and read it. :D

That's cool that you don't think of it as an escape, but a view into the inner workings of your mind. I know I can vouch for that, because I think the same about my writing at times.

Write on!

Vatche said...

How's it going, Janet?

I'm an amateur at writing still, whether it is poetry or prose, because I know I still have a LOT to learn. I admire Dickinson's words and her poetry, she was a genius but also a recluse sadly.

As for poetry being a break from everyday things, I agree with you there. What's better: fighting crime in some faraway galaxy or doing the dishes at home?


So, write on!

Vatche said...

Hey, Jemi!

I am also going through a poetry phase myself right now. I have never written so much poetry in my life. It must be a phase. All my feelings want to be said not in prose form, but in poetry. With emotions heightened and all these colorful and powerful words spewing out of my mouth, I need to grab a pen and just write them out in poetry form.

I hope that I continue to write some more poetry for classes at UCI, like you did in college. I didn't get to write much poetry in high school though, probably because I didn't really understand it, but now I do!

Write on!

Vatche said...

Hey, Amanda!

That's funny that you haven't written a poem in so long and that the last one you wrote was in third grade! But, what is really awesome is that you still remember it! If you do post it up, I'll be sure to read and comment. :D

I can agree with turning loose on your emotions, while writing. I feel a surge of emotions and feelings as I write my stories; I feel the characters fears, happiness, sadness, joy, etc. As for the escape, I think writing can be seen as an escape from my ordinary life sometimes.

So, write on!

Vatche said...

Hello, The Words Crafter!

You think of writing as probably the idea of "releasing one's demons" and I can agree that some writing is most definitely therapeutic. Some of my friends write for that very same reason, which is to release their demons out of their minds and onto the page. I don't know if maybe I do that subconsciously or not, because I just write simply to write.

I also write what is going on through my mind at the time and it either comes out as a poem or in prose. Whatever it is, it cannot be harmful but good.

So, write on!

Vatche said...

Hey, Tabitha!

I can agree with you there! Some writings are more escapes than others.

Like for example, writing a poem for homework compared to writing a poem for the heck of it. Obviously, the one that is from the free will will most of the time turn out better than the one assigned and forced upon us.

So, write on and escape!

Cruella Collett said...

I'm no poet. I like writing short pieces, though (like drabbles), but I leave poetry to those who know how. And I don't really see writing as an escape for me. It's a need, and a desire, a joy and a pain. But not an escape (hopefully it might one day become an escape for my readers, though).

Terresa said...

Yes, escape is most definitely part of writing, poetry & everything else. And this quote, too:

All the best stories in the world are but one story in reality— the story of escape.
It is the only thing which interests us all and at all times, how to escape.

— Arthur Christopher Benson

:) Happy weekend, Vatche!!

Vatche said...

I like the way you think, Cruella, but anyone can be a poet if they tried. However, there mastery over the written word can be seen through their poetry.

As for writing not being an escape for you, but a need, desire, joy, and a pain, I think all of us can most definitely agree with that.

Write on and I hope to escape in your next piece!

Vatche said...

Love the quote, Terresa. A lot of us write to escape or read to escape, from time to time.

Write on and have a great weekend! :D

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