Saturday, August 21, 2010

Forever by the Lake: A Poem

(My 100th post)

“Your hand is in mine,
Mine in yours,
The stars are our warmth,
The night is our blanket,
The grass is our bed,
Let us go to sleep here instead.”

Cars pass by,
Headlights flash on the road behind,
They don’t see the two lovers in the darkness,
She grasps his hand tighter,
Grasps it with all her might,
And he’ll never let go.

Crickets sing them a chorus,
Frogs drum the beat,
Their hearts collide as one,
On this summer night,
And he feels her body heat.

Her skin like white silk,
Smoothest texture he has ever touched,
Her sweet kisses taste of honey,
The smell is damp by the lake,
Their breaths are synchronized
On this lovely, passionate night.

Tossed and turned,
Their hands are still in each other’s palms,
Birds whisper and owls call,
Animals sleep the night away while the lovers remain awake,
Running fingers through their hair by the lake.

The word “love” is repeated a thousand times
Throughout the night,
But words do not convey the immense thoughts,
Those thoughts do not measure up to the feeling of each other’s touch,
Their touch doesn’t compare to their heavy hearts
For one another’s mind, body, and soul.

To be forever together,
They wished upon a shooting star that they saw,
And that is what they got.
Forever they remained by the lake
Feeling the same
Nothing more, nothing less
As they watched night try to turn to day,
But the night only stayed,
And everything repeated itself once again.
They didn’t know they were caught in this precious moment
Forever. Trapped. Frozen in time.

Some say that you can hear their tickled laughter and warm whispers by the lake,
As the legend goes, they were trapped in that space and time forever,
While the rest of us continue on with our lives,
They are still there,
By the lake,
Looking deeply into each other’s eyes.
They will not age, they will not die,
But remain forever in that time,
Because of that stupid star, because of that stupid wish,
They will remain in forever bliss. 

Do you think the lovers on the lake are happy? If they ever knew what they had done, would they still be? Ever encounter any ghosts in your lives? Ever wish you could stop time and live in a moment forever? 


Vampires and Tofu said...

I like this one a lot, thanks for sharing...

Jemi Fraser said...

If you're going to be frozen in time, that's a pretty great moment to choose!

Nicely done :)

Vatche said...

Hey, Vampires and Tofu!

I'm glad you enjoyed it a lot! I'll try and read some of your reviews over the week!

Write on and read on!

Vatche said...

Hello, Jemi!

You're right, that it is a good moment to choose. However, it is also sad because they don't get to live out the rest of their lives and die in happiness.

I'm glad you enjoyed it and write on!

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