Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tag! You're it!

Okay, so first of all, I was tagged a few weeks ago by Amanda Sablan to show off my handwriting. I couldn't do it before because I was often busy partying working and my camera had a few glitches. So, finally, here it is:

Here's what you do: On a plain sheet of paper jot down the following:

1. Name/Blog Name
2. Right handed, left handed, or both? 
3. Favorite letters to write (I picked my favorite word)
4. Least favorite letters to write (I picked my least favorite word)
5. Write out the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
6. Write in CAPS:


7. Favorite song lyrics
8. Tag 7 people
9. Whatever else strikes your fancy

My lucky tagees are: 

John Smith, RosieC, Tabitha Bird, The Words Crafter, Cruella, Nicole MacDonald, Terresa

The lyrics that I wrote down are from the first Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie, but I enjoy the cover from Maroon 5 better. Here it is:


RosieC said...

Thanks, Vatche. Man, is your handwriting so much better than mine!

This one was fun :) I was tagged for this by someone else recently, too. You can see my answers in my post from 8/4 "Tagged--I'm It".

Al said...

My handwriting is illegible, so I am glad you didn't tag me.

Tabitha Bird said...

Very cool. Handwriting hey. Alright, I will see if I can post soon :)

James Garcia Jr said...

Hello, Sir. How are you? Showing your handwriting makes you so much braver than me!
I just wanted to say hello and thank you for following my blog. Sorry for the delay, but a virus just took down my pc and I had to pick up a laptop. I've been iPhone exclusive since Monday. I'll follow you next and look forward to seeing what comes from your blog.
Take care.

Nicole MacDonald said...

Arrrrr Vatche! I hate writing by hand ;p ....and of course yours' is adorably neat...

Lynda Young said...

Great handwriting :)

Vatche said...

Hey, RosieC!

I'm sorry that I didn't notice that you've done this thing before! Well, at least, you DID do it...unlike some others.

Your handwriting is awesome and way better than mine. No doubt about it.

Thanks for sending me the link to your handwriting also, because I am sort of lazy and don't want to go searching for it.

Write on!

Vatche said...

Don't worry, Al. You'll be tagged for the next handwriting thing. I want to see everyone's handwriting!

So, start writing as beautifully as you can and write on!

Vatche said...

Thank you, Tabitha, for taking part in this handwriting game.

I'm very interested to see if your handwriting is as beautiful as the posts on your blog.

Write on and I can't wait to see it!

Vatche said...

Hey, James!

I'm good, thank you for asking. I'm happy to have joined your blog and thank you for joining mine. No rush or anything, okay? I hope to see more comments from you in the near future.

Good luck with your computer troubles and write on!

Vatche said...

Thank you, Lynda! I thought it was horrible, at first, but I guess I'm wrong since everyone here seems to think it's nice.

Write on and I'll be sure to tag you next time, so prepare! :D

Vatche said...

Hey, Nicole!

I'm sure your handwriting isn't that bad. Mine isn't that neat really. I was rushing to write this too. I hope to see your handwriting up on your blog soon. It will be an interesting read.

So, write on!

Anonymous said...

My comment went AWOL again...

Vatche said...

It's okay, Amanda! Blogger is always giving us trouble and trying to get us to tear out our hairs, don't worry.


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