Saturday, October 9, 2010

Believe: A Poem

(Some raw, unedited poetry from my dream journal)
Right now,
An origami swan
Is wished upon
Wished that it could fly
Across the sky
By a little girl
That has blonde pigtails
As she curls up in bed
Her knees pressed against her chest
She fiddles with the paper
In between her fingers
Folds the creases again and again
Wishing and wishing that she was a swan instead
Of a human being
Because she hates being taunted in school,
The quizzes and the tests,
Getting up early from bed,
And being bullied everyday
She looked at her arms
Flapped them as if they were wings
Looked at the mirror and noticed no change,
No feathers,
No beak.

She wished that she wasn’t born human,
Her parents fight all the time,
She is never free,
And is teased.
No one can tease a swan
The most graceful of all creatures
The way her neck would wane
The way she will glide across the ponds
And fly high enough to touch the clouds.
She wished and did not transform,
She only stared at the origami swan even more,
Hated it for being the thing she wanted to be,
Hated it for how the paper molded into a beautiful swan so easily,
She hated it and started to cry,
She ripped it to shreds and then slept.
The next morning,
She found that all the shreds of paper
Were replaced with feathers
Of an elegant white
She looked out her window
And saw the swan take flight.

Maybe, just maybe, there is hope in the world.


The Words Crafter said...

So many children (and adults) wish for an escape from their bleak world. How lovely it would be if they could-if only for a while....

Very lovely and sad, but I like that you offered her hope.

How's college?

Jemi Fraser said...

I've worked with a lot of kids in rotten situations over the years. There is always hope, but it's sometimes really hard to see. You expressed it well. :)

Carolyn V. said...

Aw, I love the end. Hope is something we all need. =)

Vatche said...

Hey, The Words Crafter!

College is awesome, but sort of chaotic and hectic 'cause I'm trying to balance everything out with homework, classes, a social life, and so much more. It can get frustrating just as much as enjoyable.

Write on and thanks for asking!

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