Saturday, October 16, 2010

Drinking the Night Away: A Poem

(A poem based off a lucid dream.)

Right now.
Drinks go down
People’s throats
They laugh and scream
‘til there’s nothing left to drink.
The music is loud
They are so proud
That the party is finally beginning.

The music gets louder
And everyone screams and shouts
That they are having
The time of their lives,
Their eyes,
Twist and twirl,
While the lights flicker on and off
They say that they will never stop
Until they pass out
Until the night takes them away.

Shadows dance on the walls,
People dance extremely close
As they feel each other’s breaths on each other’s skin,
They drink to salute, to toast, to celebrate,
They drink to a friend, to a lover, but never to an end,
They drink to a lost love, a relative, and to the rest of their lives,
They drink and drink,
But in the end, no one will survive
The consequences that will happen
That will forever be in their minds as the day one of their friends died.

She danced and danced
But had no control,
“She felt the music in her soul,”
Is what she said.
But she had no feeling left.
First her feet let her go,
As she planted face first into the floor,
People rushed to see what was wrong,
Her arms then turned to strings,
Her eyes were still alive,
Just barely moving
Like her pulse, the beat of her heart.

They took her to a bed
Fanned her, made her drink water,
Tried to get her better,
But she was gone for the night,
Gone for good,
So they left her there and out of sight,
They thought she was asleep,
But they were all wrong,
When the next morning the room didn’t smell like alcohol,
But a dead body.


Anonymous said...

How sad. I've seen people collapse from drinking. Not a pretty sight. Thanks for sharing your poem.

Angel-Star said...

hey V...i have missed you!
hope things are well with you
keep writing!

CP Joshua said...

This is really good. I like the reality in what you write. It serves not only to tell a story, but to forewarn.

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