Monday, October 11, 2010

Personal Pen Pal

Nothing ever really happens according to plan. I don’t know who I’m going to end up meeting today unless it was scheduled, who I’m going to bump into, how hard the lecture will be for a certain class, and if eating the wrong food will give me indigestion for the next week. Hundreds of variables come into play throughout the course of a day. Life isn’t something I can map out. Life is always full of surprises. And the only constant in life is change.

And there have been many changes so far, but the biggest change is probably the whole idea of moving into a new dorm and having a new home. But there have been other minor changes in my life with this one dramatic change.
As you, my dear readers, have noticed that I haven’t been responding to your comments like I used to. Well, the main reason for this is not only because of keeping up with my classes, but also because one of my friends stated that I just either agree or disagree with what the commentator says, paraphrase it, give a small experience of mine or insight, and end with a thank you. And I knew that he was right.

I followed a formula, sort of with the commenting on this blog and I thought it was really impersonal. So, to change this style I’ve thought of a better idea. If you want, you can either email me or write me a personal hand-written or typed letter because now I have my own mailing address with the dorm. And I will respond to you, your comments, and your thoughts in a personal letter back and it will be like a pen-pal system. We will get closer in this reader-to-author relationship and I would love to put it up on my wall.
Yes, I have this project that I came up with before moving in. I knew that there’ll be a progression in my life, so in a way of documenting this progression I would post all those things that changed me (in a major or minor way) onto the wall that is close to my bed.

I’ve already started and in only three weeks one-fourth of my wall is covered. I’m amazed at all the letters I’ve already received, the glow sticks from parties, the games I’ve played with my hall, the pictures we’ve taken together, and the tickets to events I’ve been to with friends. So, I’ll make it way more personal than just some comment on a random blog post on the almighty internet. I’ll talk to you not in a formula, but I’ll talk to you like a friend. I’ll tell you about my day, my week, my friends, and you can share with me your thoughts and stories as well. We can have philosophical discussions, talk about writing, reading, and anything else. So, hit me up when you have the time. It doesn’t even have to be long. A paragraph will do. An essay. A funny joke you heard this morning.  Anything.
So, grab a pen, a piece of paper, a stamp, and an envelope and write your thoughts out. Or go to your email account and type up something. I would love to get to know my readers on a deeper, more personal level, and become a pen pal.

My Full Name: Vatche Yousefian

Address: 4015 Mesa Rd. #202C
               Irvine, CA    92617


The Words Crafter said...

That's. A. Cool. Idea!

Rafi said...

so... no real point to ever comment on this, is there?

Vatche said...

You can go ahead and comment, because I'll respond if there's a question that needs an answer, but that's about the only time I will answer from now on.

Write on!

Carolyn V. said...

What a great idea. You'll have to let us know how it goes. =)

notesfromnadir said...

I like this idea! Maybe it'll help the USPS stay open on Saturdays!
Keep us up to date and include quotes from some of the mail you get and some of the places it comes from.

Bluestocking said...

I too think this is an interesting idea, and I'd like to hear how it progresses for you. I do think the whole notion of commenting on blogs is a bit arbitrary. There are some people who phone it in, and it can be difficult to reward and recognize those who prefer quality over quantity. Best of luck with your new system!

Angel-Star said...

well, V, now i understand where you went! but i must say, i found your blog comments always encouraging and uplifting. your kind considerate heart showed through, honestly. good luck with the penpal idea. you deserve many friends! angelstar

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