Monday, October 18, 2010

Waiting for the End: A Poem

(A raw, unedited poem from my Idea Book)

Cities are half of what they used to be,
Rubble, ashes, smoke, and catastrophe
Run amuck, stuck, and some can’t breathe,
One, two, three,
They count their steps as they walk through the urban jungle,
Crossing the streets that no longer have signs,
Two survivors walk, a husband and a wife,
Hand in hand,
They withstand
All the troubles of the world,
Gave their souls to each other,
They are lovers
In a world where love is scarce,
Where fear, violence, and paranoia is everywhere.

It all started with a giant explosion,
Bodies painted on the floor in radioactive green,
Not a beautiful scene
Unless you were on the other side
But then they realized
How much damage they had caused
When the radioactivity spread
To the animals, oceans, and finally to the world,
The air became so cold
It no longer snowed, but rained ash,
The heavens cried dark, dirty tears,
As the two lovers walked across the wasteland
That they both once called home.

Home used to be a place of sunshine,
Little children chasing butterflies,
Lemonade on a hot day and watching a football game,
But all of that came to an abrupt end
When the world decided to fight,
Fight for no reason at all,
Only for greed, power,
And seeing dead bodies shower
On the floors of the enemies terrain,
The lovers walked still holding hands,
They looked in each other’s eyes
And then toward the sky,

Backpacks hung from one shoulder,
Shoes covered in dirt,
Shopping carts full of canned foods,
In the end, they knew
How it was going to be,
This life was no life,
This life was hell,
This life was not the life that the lovers dreamt of,
They dreamt of happiness, a comfortable bed,
Whispers in the night and each other’s warmth,
But what they got instead,
Was both of them wishing for an end
To all the suffering, to all the hate,
To be done with this state of mind
To open both of their eyes
And no longer see unmarked graves
Or bones that don’t have homes,
They wanted to see flowers,
Signs of life,
They wished for everything to be the way it once was,
But there is nothing left,
Only the memories of a place that once was,
And once those memories are gone,
Then, this world can die
And maybe start over again.

The two lovers wait
For the fateful day
When they’ll be taken away
As they stare at the stars
Near the fire,
There only source of light and warmth,
And wish the world will be reborn again
Even if they are not in that world,
They wish for the happiness of others,
Because they were selfless and kind,
Unlike the rest,
And they believed that the world, during these dark times,
Needed some hope, some flash of light,
So, they wished.   


Rafi said...

since you said you'd only answer if we asked questions, i'm gonna ask "How are you, Vatche?" You are now compelled to respond on this blog. MWAHAHA!!!

Lydia Kang said...

I like that there is still hope in the bleak moments within this piece.
Hope you're well.

Vatche said...

I'm doing fine, Rafi and Lydia, thanks for asking! I hope you're doing well yourselves! And...I'm not compelled to do anything really, Rafi. So, MWHAHAHA back at ya!

Hope you have an awesome week!

Carolyn V. said...

You have such great moving poems, have you ever thought about putting them together in a book?

Bubbles said...

I believe that he has already been putting them in a book, an Idea Book.

Right Stitch?

Rafi said...

LIES! You clearly said that you'd respond to questions on your blog! Unless you want to be a liar, go ahead and not respond!

Vatche said...

I did respond, Rafi! So, I'm not a liar. :P

Well, my Idea Book, Bubbles, is just a bunch of random scraps of paper, post-its, even napkins, that I've written on and just compiled into a giant three-inch binder. I think what Carolyn is trying to say is a real, published book, which I've thought of doing when I'm a bit older because I don't think that my writing has totally matured yet.

I believe that I still need some time before I can be good enough for the publishing industry, but thank you for your kind words, Carolyn, they are greatly appreciated! :D

Shadow said...

you've sketched the picture perfectly with your words.

The Words Crafter said...

Hey Vatche, I've been scarce around the blogging world lately. Very busy and I've signed up for November's NaNoWriMo. Creating an outline, plot ideas, character names, etc.

I hope you're doing well and that it's still fun for you. I don't envy you all the homework, :)

This is really dark and melancholy but hopeful-hard to accomplish. I hope they find something to ease their pain and sadness a bit....

I hope this world never comes to pass.....

Write on Vatche and take care of yourself. I'll see you on Tuesdays and Thursdays I hope!

Eye-shuh said...

Aw I get the feel of these words. I liked it.
amazing writing.

RosieC said...

*shivers* Oddly enough, I had a dream very similar to this about a month ago and was trying to figure out a way to plot it out. I might just leave it to you, though :)

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