Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Wishing Well: A Poem

(A raw, unedited poem from a story idea I had earlier this week.)

She came up to her best of friends,
Saying, “Hi,” once again,
But this time he didn’t respond,
Like he used to,
With a smile and a nod,
But instead with a confused look on his face,
He did not know who she was,
Or why she was saying “Hi.”
“Do I know you?”
“Come on, Michael! It’s me, Sue.”
“I’m sorry, but I don’t know anyone by that name.”
So, he started walking away.

A coin flipped in the darkness of Michael’s mind,
Swallowed up by the waters of time,
Sinking into the depths of an abyss,
Never to be remembered again.

Sue was becoming frantic
And couldn’t believe
The joke that Michael was pulling.
She grabbed him by the shoulder,
Turned him around,
And she frowned at the sight
Of his black, blank eyes.
“Michael, please stop joking. It’s not funny anymore.
You don’t remember me from all those times before?
The laughs, the cries, the sighs,
The memories we had together,
With each other,
You were like my brother!
And now you’ve done this,
Something I can never forgive!”

Tears began rolling down her eyes
As Michael stared blankly,
Still the coin spinning in the depths of a well,
That’s all his mind was stuck on because of this spell,
Ever time he stared at her trying to think,
He only thought of the coin disappearing
Into the darkness,
Into the waters,
And gone forever.

“When was the last time I saw you?” Michael had asked,
She pushed her tears away with the back of her hands,
“I can’t believe you’re asking me this,” she said.
“It was in front of that well, we were both making a wish.”

Then, Michael’s mind flashed,
About what was his wish,
He recalled,
That she said of all the things that they did together,
She was beautiful and seemed like the one he would want to spend with forever,
So he must’ve wished to have never loved her,
To completely forget her,
Her and all the memories they had,
Which was the only way to turn back time,
To go back and erase all that had become,
To end his broken heart with a simple wish,
He remembers being in front of that stupid hole,
Wishing to not love someone anymore,
The next morning, he awoke,
And everything was the same
Until she came up to him today,
Made him turn her way,
Stare her in the eyes and say “Hi,” again,
But it was all different now,
Because of that wish.

“I’m sorry, Sue.
I don’t know you.”
He said as the coin and his heart both sunk deeper,
As Sue collapsed onto the ground,
Both of her legs gave out,
To the weight of those words,
That Michael had thrown at her,
“We were the best of friends,”
She repeated to herself over and over again,
But that would never change the wish,
That would never change what had just happened,
He could not take back his words,
He could not take back his wish,
Sue just sat there crying,
Remembering the night before,
Wishing also at the well,
That maybe as time goes on,
They could fall in love,
But in the power of wills,
Michael’s wish had won,
His wanting to forget overpowered her wanting to fall in love,

So in the end,
They were never really friends.


The Words Crafter said...

Ah, this was terrific! How painful and sad....and cautionary. What if our random wishes did come true? Interesting to think of who wants something more and what it's outcome would be on a it!

Smita Tewari said...

powerful, expressive,unsettling!
but why have you forgotten me?

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