Saturday, November 6, 2010

Everyone Has a Story

(Note: I'm back online!)

There are many layers to a human being, to a person. They are like the characters of a book, even like books themselves. They all have stories to tell, so many stories. Stories of heroism, stories of dreams, stories of darkness, stories of evil, stories of loss and wins, of hate and love, of death and rebirth.
What stories would you be able to see when you look at me?
Would you be able to tell that I’ve lost a hundred pounds? That I’m a sensitive guy? That I value friendship and family above all else? Could you tell that I’ve been teased through parts of my life? That I’ve almost died? How many relationships I’ve been in? How many times I’ve had my heart crushed and rebuilt? How many times I’ve fallen in love? How many happy memories I have?
Look outside a window and watch the people that walk on those cemented sidewalks littered with fallen autumn leaves. Watch them and notice that they are not robots. Watch them and notice that they are people like you and me. Take notice that they are the people they are today because of their experiences. Go beyond the surface and don’t judge a person by their looks or outside personality. Go beyond everything else and see inside their soul by getting to know them, because that’s what people really are.
People are millions of stories put into small compact bodies that move and think. Some people are ready to tell their stories. Others aren’t. Some want people to ask. Some don’t. Some are willing to share with everyone. Others, only a few.

This is the way I view people in my life. I see them as treasure chests of experience and endless stories. I try to incorporate that into my own works, because the plot isn’t the only thing that moves a story, but the characters, the people, in the story move everything. I realized that’s what my stories need so I can get my readers more into the story and more emotionally involved.  It’s through the characters and their stories that this can only happen.

My characters have to drive my readers into a world they’ve probably seen before or have never seen in their lives. My characters take my readers into worlds where endless possibilities happen and that any human being can have. I try to have my characters grab my readers by their hands and show each other their souls.

Open up a book and read. Be taken to a world where it is safe to be yourself or someone else. Reveal your emotions, let the characters speak their stories to you, and you should even tell them your stories in return. You could tell it to them or someone else. Don’t let your stories go to waste by being bottled up about it. But also, don’t go telling the whole world. Trust your stories to someone who cares and those stories will be cherished.

Now, go find those people and bring them close to you. Whisper in their ears from time to time, all the stories you can think of, all the experiences you’ve had, and even some of the stories you’ve been holding onto for friends. That’s all there is to it. All you need to do is one thing: speak.


The Words Crafter said...

Fantastic! I know a few people who need to read this because they have the most awesome stories-funny ones, sad ones, inspiring ones, etc.

I may only be around once a week-I'm doing NaNo and have greatly scaled back on blogging.

Glad to see your technical issues out of the way.

Carolyn V. said...

Oh my gosh! Excellent, excellent post Vatche! I'm just speechless.This was so good. =D

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