Saturday, November 20, 2010

Everyone's Puppet: A Poem

Peers try to change
What you do, think and say,
How you view the world,
And make you go astray, 
Feel the influences,
Feel the consequences,
Make you move the way you probably want to go,
Doubting every step you take, 
You never know,
Never sure,
Never know what to do
Until you’re pushed.

Breathing deeply,
Still taking one step at a time,
Pushed from behind,
Rushed from behind the scenes,
Pretend like nothing is happening,
Can’t see where you’re going,
No lights up ahead,
“It’s all going to be okay,”
Is what they all said,
Until you crashed,
Fell in between the cracks,
Could no longer breathe,
Could no longer move or see,
Everything was a false reality,
Illusion of the mind,
Fantasies come alive,
It was all so enticing,
But then you crashed and wanted to repeat the cycle all over again,
Don’t want to feel the pain, the hurt, the loneliness,
Want to be happy with all your friends,
First you got to smoke,
Then you got to drink,
Act like what they think was cool,
But you know you’re a fool,
‘cause that’s not the real you.

You were an individual,
A person, a normal human being,
Who can think
Without being told what to do,
You had control,
You knew where to go,
But you wanted to be just like them
So, in the end,
You probably deserve to be where you are now,
On the ground,
Still breathing,
But getting slower,
Almost gone,
Losing all focus and thought,
Can’t concentrate,
Too many things on your mind,
Drawing blanks,
Drooling like a dog,
Beginning to pass out,
As the sirens shouted and waned,
Should have never cross-fade,
Shouldn’t have done a lot of things,
Shouldn’t have let people pull your strings,
Shouldn't have let them push you around, 
Push your buttons,
And changed who you really are,
You’ve strayed too far
From your original path
What happened to that?
Silence and no answer was heard, 
Breathing harder and harder
until everything just became--
a white blur.


Theresa Milstein said...

This poem reminds me of several of the feelings and experiences I had in graduate school. Another thought-provoking poem.

Shadow said...

you could have taken a slice from my life here. very true! and very well expressed.

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