Monday, November 29, 2010

The Liar's Heart: A Poem

The liar does not touch his heart or chest,
Only unnecessary movements
As he talks about the love he lost,
So long ago
That he no longer cares for.

The liar does not look directly into her eyes,
Only looks away
At the cemented sidewalk
As he says that he loves her.

The liar does not say you, I, or we,
He leaves out all the important things,
Like the idea of being together,
He was only focused on the loss of another.

The liar says that he still loves,
Then why does he frown
Or have a delayed smile
Whenever he speaks those words to her?

The liar speaks almost too naturally,
Does not like silence or pauses
And things that cause tension
As he beings to sweat,
Begins to think,
About the one he lost again.

The liar has a lover, who is a lie detector,
Much like a polygraph
She knew that when he laughed he didn’t really laugh,
But on the inside was sad,
So she wanted to fix what was inside,
Wanted to fix that broken gear in his mind
But the broken gears were just not there
The cracks were everywhere.

The liar was a broken man,
The woman he lost before
Could never be replaced
So the lover of the liar walked away
And the man, at first, felt nothing
Until the footsteps grew in the distance,
Echoed off those same cemented sidewalks he stared at all day,
One broken gear in his heart began to turn, began to move,
He called to her that it was too soon,
But she couldn’t hear him from so far away,
And then the liar’s knees gave way.

He hit the ground
And heard the loudest sound
Now in his ears,
A beating heart
For the one he just lost,
The liar curled up into a ball,
On the floor,
Not being able to handle lost love anymore.
He was always focused on the one before
Rather than the one now
So he understood,
Why his heart began to tick
The way it did,
He never paid attention
Since his own heart was lying to him
But now it was finally telling the truth
And he didn’t know what to do,
Now, he loved that girl, the one he just lost, and no longer the one before,
As he was on the floor,
He sat and contemplated,
When a hand descended,
Another girl was there,
And the liar just smiled.  


Tsionah N said...

You have some really good material... Some of your poems seem like they can be condensed to more than one poem!

Anonymous said...


I love how your poems always tell a story! This one was wicked, and I loved the ending. History repeats itself. The liar will find more loves and more loves and he'll keep on lying...


The Words Crafter said...

"Until the footsteps grew in the distance,"

I love that line!

Insightful, contemplative...

Anonymous said...

Like the story telling aspect in your poetry:))

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