Monday, November 8, 2010

Reflections at the Top of the World: A Poem

(Raw, unedited poetry from my Idea Binder that was written a year ago)

The drive was long,
The wind whispered its song
In my ears
And I felt the urge to scream
At the top of my lungs
At the top of some giant rocks
Mountains, you might call them,
Yell at the world for all its tortures,
Cry about the evils and hates,
But then a friend pulled me aside
And started to laugh
He asked,
“Why don’t you think of all the joys
Instead of all the bad things in your mind?”
I didn’t think of that before,
As the waves crashed below,
I started to look toward the sunset,
As it casts a pinkish-purple glow.
I smiled and thought of all the greater things in life
The things that I took for granted,
Like a pillow, a hug from a friend,
Even a blanket, kisses on the cheek, and a comfy bed,
Food, water, shelter,
To be alive rather than dead,
A million things came to the top of my head,
And as the wind blew stronger,
My voice grew louder,
And I screamed at the top of the mountain,
Thinking of all the happiness I had lost and now found,
So, I repeated it to myself and to the world,
All things that I was glad for:
Friends and family,
Memories and creativity,
Hugs and kisses,
A heart and soul,
And so much more.
Tears rolled down my eyes
As I thought of these things
My friend embraced me,
And the moon began to rise
From the sky,
And into the distance
I saw the sea glow
And all the memories that I recalled
Of all the good times
I saw there in the waters of the beautiful night
In the form of the white,
Twinkling stars
Reflected in the waters below.
Those stars reminded me
Of the little shine that these memories have in my life,
That little shine that can overcome the darkness.
So, shine brightly, my little ones.

What are some of the things you would scream out at the top of the world? It could be anything you love or you hate. Type out your screams, your voice! 


Carolyn V. said...

Depends on my mood. I'd love to scream, "Why is there so much laundry in here?" But I might scare the neighbors. =)

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