Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Samurai Still Walks: A Poem

A samurai walks across the land,
Holding the hilt of his sword in one hand,
Crosses the fields of wheat
With wooden sandals on his feet,
Pushing through the dirt,
Through the rain and the mud,
There is silence in his mind,
Peace and quiet,
Even when the rest of the world is full of sounds,
The clashing of swords on battlegrounds,
Trying to beat the enemy with a single strike,
The sounds of grunts as people fight,
Drops of water beat their heads,
Until one of them drops dead.

Village through village,
He passes.
From town to town,
He hides
Underneath that straw hat that he made.

As the wind continues to blow,
As he continues to travel,
He feels himself getting old,
The sword in his hands
About to break
Every time he swings
At an enemy.
He had one last job to do,
Assassinate a woman of unparalleled beauty
But he couldn’t even withstand her
When he saw the fear in her eyes
When he attacked her in the dark by surprise,
He saw his fate at that moment
And fell to the floor
For forgiveness.

She could not forgive
For she knew all that he did,
He knew that he killed for money,
Probably killed for fun,
So she decided to end it all,
And so he did what he had to do
And did what no other man could,
He took his sword to save his own honor
And stabbed his stomach.
Suicide was the only way—
To get her
To forgive him.

The samurai
One single tear
In front of the woman he was about to murder
And she cried for him too,
Wishing he was never a samurai to begin with,
Wishing that no one was able to take away lives,
And as the blood slowly dripped to the floor,
The samurai quickly attacked the woman
For he wanted to finish the thing that he had begun,
Since assassination was his job,
And made her fall to the same ground,
Her face more surprised than his,
Together they bleed until Death comes their way
To take them both away,
But they go on separate paths ,
One to heaven and the other to hell.
The samurai still walks through this world and others as well.


The Words Crafter said...

Wow, that was amazing! You managed to say so much with so little, too. Sad, tragic, and surprising! You never disappoint...

Sorry I've been scarce. Nano is finished, sort of, for me, but I still have to finish the story. I've never (nearly) completed anything this big...

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and that your weekend is relaxing.

Anonymous said...

This was very well written Vatche! The end was the best part:)

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