Monday, November 15, 2010

She's Still There: A Poem

This thing,
That we had,
Was it love?
Between me and her,
Her and I,
Was just a thing.
Nothing more, nothing less,
Maybe more of the less,
I got to say,
Since it went the wrong way,
I rushed,
She followed and was confused,
All the mental abuse,
Calling names,
Back and forth,
Echoed off the walls of my ears,
Got to get into a relationship fast,
Because that’s what all our peers had.

Walk away,
Yet again,
Turn the memories into dust,
She never existed,
She never was,
Even though I see her all the time,
Afterimages of the mind,
Repressed but coming back out,
Trying to drown out all those thoughts,
Those damn memories,
Both the good and the bad,
Oh! All the things we used to have.
What happened
To us?
To what we had?
Was it love or something else?
All those feelings,
Drawing hearts and eating chocolate candies,
Sweet lips,
All these tastes, smells, and sights return
From a place that was supposed to remain locked forever!
Under lock and key,
But they escape every once and again
And remind me of her.

If it really was nothing,
If it really was just a fling,
Then why do I keep caring?
Why do I keep fake smiling?
Why can’t I feel anymore?
Why is my heart so sore?

Damnit all,
Why is it so hard?
Investing so much and forgetting the one you used to love,
I still feel her touch
Even right now
Running down my neck
As I speak,
I can’t think about it anymore,
Got to get it out of my head
Go to find a new love
And so I did.

I found a new love,
Even though the old one still remains,
In the back of my mind,
It keeps me busy though
And, I don’t think about it as much,
Guess that’s just my luck.
You know what?
Relationships, if you want to know my opinion,
Just suck.”


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