Monday, December 27, 2010

Bucket List

    After watching the movie, A Walk to Remember, with a couple of my friends in the hall. I’ve decided to make some short-term and long-term list of goals for myself that I want to have accomplished before I die.  Here’s the list:

Find the One and have children with her.

Learn French and speak it fluently.

 Get six-pack abs.

 Learn how to ride a motorcycle.

Own a motorcycle.

Be the best friend I can possibly be.

Make someone smile every day.

Visit England.

 Travel around the world.

 Meet Stephen King.

Publish a book.

Read all the books that I own…if possible.

 Become successful.

Learn about other religions.

Meet Takehiko Inoue.

Meet Naoki Urasawa.

Do you have a list? If so, what’s some of the things you want to accomplish?


Jemi Fraser said...

Those are great goals - good luck with them! :)

I never make lists - my brain just doesn't work that way. But 2 things I'd love to do are go whale watching and on a camera safari to Africa :)

Vampires and Tofu said...

You should check out the website for keeping track of your bucket list goals!!

Shadow said...

nice list! i've been meaning to write one, although there is one i wrote when i was 20-something. i do have one in my head though. good luck. go get it!

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