Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fifty People, One Question

Hello, everyone! I was just browsing the internet this week like usual and found a very interesting group of videos known as "Fifty People, One Question," where a camera crew asks people on the street the answer to certain questions that can have a multitude of answers. Watch them and ask the question to yourself. What's your answer to:

By the end of the day, what do you wish to happen?

Where would you wish to wake up?

If you wake up, where do you wish to be?

What's your favorite swear word?

Why are you here?

What's your secret?

What would make your day?

How would you address climate change?

What makes you happy?

These are just a few examples of the entire series that is now on youtube. Check them out, because I'm sure you would love to hear other people's answers towards the great questions that these cameramen pose to the people of the streets. In the comments section, if you want, answer one or two or all of the questions here. What would be your answer?


The Words Crafter said...

You and my friend William should get together. You both manage to find the most interesting things!!!

I'll have to consider these questions....and maybe use them for a post.

Hope you're relaxing during your break!

Elisabeth said...

Amazing Vachte. I could not stop watching - all those wonderful faces, from all over the world, different parts of the Western world, I should say, their expressions and ideas about these odd questions. Made my day.

I think about world peace, impossible I know, but it's my wish.

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