Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Beautiful Survivor: A Poem

Cancer spreads
Through her body
Through her skin,
Nothing can stop
What’s within.
No doctor can cure,
No miracles can save,
And all she could have done was wait.

On a hospital bed,
She said,
That she might as well be dead
As tears fell from her cheeks
And she started to breathe

Attached to wires,
Needles and drugs
All to keep her up,
For she could not stand by herself.

Her friends and family visit
But she had to admit it
That every time they came
She only saw the same
Sorry, pitiful eyes
That she never wanted to see
But they could not help it
When they saw
That the girl that they knew and loved,
The one that would laugh when she played on the swings,
The one that knew everything
From geography to the greatest of abstract art,
The one that knew how to sing and play guitar,
She was the one that they all loved
She was the one and only one that they could not see
Be taken away.

She tried to fight
With all her might
For her life
Because she wanted to live
To see another day,
Another sunrise and another sunset,
A beautiful day with her boyfriend,
Another day to walk and not be stuck on white sheets,
She wanted to see the world from the outside
Not through glass window panes.
She wanted to see life again
So she prayed, she wished, hoped for the best,
Changed all those wishes in the past
The ones from birthday candles and shooting stars
And all those prayers to God,
To a single thought:
To be healthy again.

She stands
Just barely on her two feet
But not because of the cancer
Because now that was gone,
She was just plain, old clumsy.
She now laughs and jokes,
No longer does she cry,
No more of those sorry tears,
She just smiles and moves on
For she has survived
And sometimes she looks back
To remember how it was to be stuck on that bed,
To be sorry for everything she did,
And wondering what she did to deserve it.

She looks at the deep, blue sky,
The sun was high and among the clouds,
She rose up from the beach’s sand,
And looked back at me,
Besides all those scars,
All those stitches and red marks,
To me,
She was the most beautiful woman in the world.


Kamila said...

awww... I love it.. sometimes people who are remarkably nice and kind person are settled into an account of danger.. she prayed and it was answer.. it was like a second life again.. love your poem.. lovely

Anonymous said...

Hi. Wow. Nice post and a was good to read the whole Poem.
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Thank You.
Take Care.

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