Monday, January 24, 2011

The Haunt: A Poem

The walls breathe so easily,
Yet why is it that I feel so claustrophobic?
I can hardly see,
Can hardly do anything.

Walls closing in,
Almost alive,
I stare at them and dream
That they would take me away,
Swallow me up and
Make me forget all the pain that I have suffered
All the hatred in my mind
All the scars washed away,
Everything in just one gulp
Gone and never seen again.

Take me anywhere but here,
Anywhere where she will be,
I don’t want to see her face again,
And be reminded of the thoughts I have with her,
The memories of love and of hate,
Of regret and of blessings,
Of everything good and bad,
Both happy and sad,
But I cannot withstand these thoughts,
And I see the walls breathe,
But they don’t take me away,
They only stay
Where they are
And breathe.

I see afterimages of her in the faces of others,
Her red hair is everywhere
Even underneath the covers.
Her bluish-green eyes are seen in those very same walls that breathe,
In the back of me,
In the mirrors of hallways and bathrooms,
Everywhere I go,
They follow.
Her perfume is a sweet scent
And is common in every room
Even my own
And even on my clothes.
I can’t stop but think
Of everything about her.
I hear it everyday, too
The crashing of her two golden bracelets together,
The ones, those ones, that she wore on her left arm,
The ones that were given to her by her mom.

Why won’t these things go away?
Why won’t the walls stop breathing?
Why can’t I stop dreaming-
While still being awake?

If the walls can’t swallow me,
At least swallow her,
Every bit and part,
The scents,
The noises,
The hair,
The eyes,
Try to make them hide
From my sight.

Please, take her away if not me,
And, let me be.

Can you ever really forget a person, place, or a memory? What is one memory that you try to forget but comes back to haunt you?


Anonymous said...

I don't know that you really ever forget things, but I think that if it is painful and you give it up to God that he can help to ease the pain so that you will think of it less and less and eventually it will become like a distant memory. This way even if it does crop back up, it will not be able to inflict as much pain as it once may have. :o) Also, nice pic to go along with this post!

Shadow said...

when it comes to scents and music, memories are very resistant to fading (with me).

Anonymous said...

I rarely forget things. Sometimes a forgotten memory comes to me, so nothing really leaves me.

Great poem and pic. :)

Bubbles said...

I think you can forget many memories except the ones that are deeply and emotionally embedded within you.

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