Monday, January 31, 2011

Identity Crisis: A Poem

(Written a while ago in my Idea Book. I believe it shows how much I've grown not only as a writer, but as a person, as well. )
Broken mirror,
Many faces,
Many ears and noses,
Many eyes
That stare back at you.

Fists that bleed
Knuckles are numb,
But still feeling that same emptiness inside.

Flashbacks of memories
Of people you once were,
But who are you now?

I am the cocky one,
The confident and brave,
Is what I rely on
And have no weakness.

I am the artist,
The sensitive soul
That wouldn’t hurt a thing,
The one that loves words and paint.

I am the student,
Studying hard
And went to college,
Made parents proud,
The one that doesn’t make a sound.

I am the--
I am the--
I am the--

I don’t know anymore,
Who I am,
Who I was,
All is gone,
Because change is the only constant in life.

One minute you’re this,
The next minute that,
A second later
On the social clock
And you’re something completely different.

I am the man with the bleeding fist,
Who couldn’t handle any of it,
Who couldn’t handle any more of the change,
Who couldn’t handle the voices in my brain,
Couldn’t take the environment or peers,
Couldn’t stay clear
From the path that was chosen by someone else.
Who am I now?
The real me.
Fractured, broken, and needing time,
Piece by piece,
The stained glass was cleaned and glued back,
But still the fractured mirror had those cracks,
The image that I saw was still plural,
Was still so many,
Hands traced the schisms created
And they tore the mirror down
Without a sound.
Silently taking the many pieces away
Until only one remained.

This was me,
The only piece not affected by society,
By everyone I knew and loved,
Tabula rasa
Once again,
Ready to change,
But this time for the better
And not for another
Bad influence.

What is identity to you? 


M. said...

why should we have an identity?
let us be ever changing travelers..with only one big know who we are..who we really are..and that has nothing to do with identity..and thats why it is our identity.

love your honesty.

Terresa said...

"I am the--/
I am the--/
I am the--"

Great lines, these, they encourage the reader to fill in the blanks.

Identity is a becoming, what we wear (the face, the ideas) that tell us and others who we are.

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