Monday, January 10, 2011

The Journey's End: A Poem

The beast is beyond that door,
After this, there may be no more,
The beast, that was his ultimate obstacle
The only thing that stood in his way,
But he was frightened and wanted to stay.

The journey might come to an end
With the victory of the beast or with his own,
He did not know,
But whatever side had won,
What’s done will be done
And nothing will ever be the same again.

What had the boy gone through to get to this point?
He looked at his fellow comrades,
Beaten and scarred,
Tears in their eyes,
Because this was going to be the end,
They finally made it
And the only thing that stood in their way
Was right in front of them,
They saw a giant wooden door with a golden knob
That reflected their frightened and beaten souls and the end of their job.

The beast pounded on the door,
Wanting to be let out,
But what did they end up fighting for?
They traveled throughout all these lands
And found each other.
They had all these dreams of fame, fortune, knowledge, and wonder,
Which they’ve attained gradually throughout their voyage,
But who’s to know whether it’s enough?

The boy, who led the group, reached for the golden knob
That reflected the images of all,
And as he began to turn,
A flash of light surged
In front of his eyes
As the door creaked open
There was a surprise.
The beast rampaged out
And knocked the boy soldier down,
Nearly trampling on all his friends
And went loose upon the world
Because of him.

Then, they all smiled instead of cried,
A new journey was now about to begin,
The hunt for the beast still continues ‘til this day.

What's the beast beyond the door for you? When do you know it's the end of one journey, but the beginning of a new one? Any journeys that you would like to share? 


The Words Crafter said...

Oh, I really liked this, full of mystery. For me, the beast is the future. We often have to fight our way through the obstacles of life to 'reach' the future.....

Great job!

Anonymous said...

I like the drive with which you write your poems:) and enjoy reading them. Good job!

Terresa said...

The writing journey, it is quite a trip. Enjoyed the beast in the poem, at first I thought you'd turned all Stephen King on us...

Shadow said...

strong writing, i like this!!!

Amanda the Aspiring said...

Really nice poem! I can't quite pinpoint what exactly I like about it at the moment. Maybe the style? The first two stanzas stand out to me, in a good way. I like the picture, too--it matches the poem well. =)

As for my beast--hmm...I think I've already let my beast out and am hunting it--revisions. Once I've bagged and tagged that monster, we'll see about opening another door. ^_^

Carolyn V. said...

The biggest journey I am working on right now is that degree. I am so close to finishing, but feel very overwhelmed. I can't wait to get that diploma!

Great poem Vatche.

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