Monday, January 3, 2011

Just Love: A Poem

(On the way to my first class of the winter quarter, I had the first three lines of this poem playing over and over again in my mind, and as soon as I started writing the words down on a piece paper, this poem followed. The mind is a wonderful thing, isn't it?)

Breathing deep,
Very slow,
Don’t know where to go.
Push and pull,
Becomes push and shove,
Never was enough.
Two bodies collide,
Two bodies intertwine,
In the act of making love.

Both hearts beat slow,
Then both hearts beat fast,
Simultaneously, both of them crash
Into each other
Can’t help it,
Despite all the tears and sweat,
All the laughter and scares,
They were one once again.

Having no care in the world,
Time did move too slow
At least, for them.
The clock took away all their fun
When they’re going to age,
Wrinkles will form,
Scars will be created,
But they will still love one another
Just as much as that first day,
That first kiss,
That first touch
Of one another’s hand,
Just as much as that first sight
Of that glimmer in one another’s eyes.

After, they just started to breathe
Normally, once again,
Slowly their hands crawled
To each other’s waist,
And they said good night
Wishing for another day,
Because they knew soon they will age,
They wished for another day
Just for them to be young for just a bit longer,
But the clock still ticked,
So they just made love again.

Have you ever been in love? How do you know he/she is the One?


Kamila said...

I love the poem!!! x) I feel in love.. oh wait I am in love... And I love this feeling. I really hate broken hearts... so so so hate.. as far as I can remember I never been broken.. but my friends are.. and I'm sad when my friends broke apart.. and I can't control it.. because it's their relationship.. but I'm still sad.. because I hate broken hearts.. I love the poem..great job!

Nicole MacDonald said...

Yup met the 'one' at 18.. Was a big feeling of WOOOHOO and oh f#ck.. I wanted to be single till I was at least 25! Can't say it's any easier than a normal relationship but I do know it's worth it. Kinda why I wrote my book. So my character doesn't meet 'him' until 25 *lol*

The Arrival, on Amazon now!

Terresa said...

Lovely love poem, Vatche. Funny thing, I never start out wanting to write about love, but sometimes just end up's usually a good thing.

Thanks for the blog visit, stop by anytime, my waffle house doors are always open. Hope the New Year is treating you right. :)

PS: Have you joined the One Shot Wednesday group? We post our poems on Tuesday usually, linking from our blog to theirs. Maybe you've already participated, but in case you haven't, here's the link...

Shadow said...

aaah, yes, soft, loving, need and longing, i can live with that :)

Anonymous said...

It's hard to win in a race against time; if two people manage to do that, nothing like it:) I loved your poem, needless to say:)

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