Monday, February 7, 2011

The Friend: A Poem

Right now,
I wish I can be with you
As soon as possible,
Feel your touch against my skin,
Hear your heavy, warm breathing near my ear,
See those dark eyes that have a tiny glimmer of white
And run my fingers through your crimson hair,
But, I can’t.

I have to withstand,
I have to hold restraints,
Close the gates
To my heart,
Not letting anyone,
Especially you,
For you are falling in love with another,
You are in love with him,
Not with me,
But, what happened to my feelings?

He treats you right
But not in the way that I would treat you,
You get into those pesky fights
But with me you never do,
So many wrongs that I hear and see,
So many rights that could be,
But, they are not.

You claim that you like him
A lot,
Claim to not care
Too much,
When he talks to other girls
And doesn’t get jealous when you talk to other guys,
Claim to love it when he holds you near,
You love his hands around your waist,
And you claim and claim,
But, there is still that feeling of doubt.

I wish to tell you my true feelings,
But I am your friend,
First and foremost
And until the very end.
And I don’t want to see you get hurt
Even though you want the experience,
You want to date,
You want relationships,
So I’ll let you take the hits,
Take all the heavy blows that he gives
With his words even though they feel like fists,
I will be the one by your side,
But, who will be by mine?

I will be that shoulder soaked with tears,
Be the friend that you’ll never fear
To come to and will always hear,
Be that friend that disregards all his dreams,
All his fantasies,
All those deep feelings that lie dormant within his heart,
But, how much would you listen to me?

The next time you come to tell me something about him,
I will listen
To your whispers
And stories,
Keep the urge to silence all your ramblings
With a single kiss,
Bury that thought deep inside my mind,
I’ll listen as I lock it under lock and key,
Until you decide to move in an inch closer to me,
As the key begins to turn inside the lock
You put your hand on mine and stop
Stop everything that was happening,
Freeze time
With that single moment
With that single action
With that single kiss
On my lips
And not his,
You stopped the key from turning,
And changed it all
For the better.


Chris said...

This is really touching. I've been in this kind of situation before, not the best. I love how you put "a lot" and "too much" on separate lines in the fourth stanza, it really gives them more impact

Rafi said...

i liked the rhythm to this a lot. pretty ballin', i must say.

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