Monday, February 28, 2011


Hey, I'm back online! Sorry for the delays but I finally fixed my computer (and defeated all the ninjas I could find). I'll get right on back to commenting on blogs and being more active here on the Student Writer's Mind.

So, I've also joined a spoken-word/poetry group on campus here at UC Irvine known as Uncultivated Rabbits and they had an Open-Mic not too many weeks ago. I performed a piece of mine that I wrote that very same day that you've probably already read, but here's the performance at Open-Mic! I hope you enjoy and let me know on what I can improve on, because it's very important to me to get feedback.

Thank you for your patience and everything else!



Bluestocking said...

I think it's great you did an open mic. I did my first (and so far my only one) a few months ago. So nerve-wracking, but I'm proud I did it. Best of luck as you do more in the future!

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