Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Ring's Fool: A Poem

She owns this mood ring
That I gave her,
Tells her how
She feels,
At whatever time
At whatever moment.

When she’s in love
It blushes
And turns magenta,
When she’s anxious
The color disappears
And it turns dark,
When relaxed,
It mimics the blue sky,
When she’s stressed or strained,
Green and yellow sometimes,
It switches to orange
She’s a rainbow of emotions,
But she’s too focused on it,
With eyes of curiosity,
She can’t help but stare at it now,
Focused and frozen
With that thing
With that metal ring
On her finger,
Rather than telling her how she feels
She feels whatever it tells her.

The color of the damn ring says blue,
So she remains calm and cool
Doesn’t have a care in the world
And her head is always in the same colored sky
Until it turns green or yellow,
She can’t help but fall,
She can’t stand tall
Because of all the pressure
That the ring had given her.

She says she’s in love
But is that really true
Or is it because she’s the ring’s fool?
Is the ring making her fall for the right guy
Or is it all in her mind?

I couldn’t stand seeing her like this
Couldn’t stand seeing her so focused
On a thermometer
With color dye in it.
Her eyes were like marbles
Full of the same color of the ring,
When I tore it off her fingers
She screamed
For me to give it back,
The color in the ring disappeared,
Turned black
For it’s owner was gone,
I told her that I would replace it
Give her another gift
As I chucked it into the ocean.

And I handed her a necklace
With the yin-yang symbol on it,
Is what you need
Rather than that stupid ring.”
She smiled and knew that I truly cared
And I no longer could read her emotions
Like I wish I did before
But neither could she.

That’s what our love is
An array of feelings
Not even we
Could read.

Have you ever been obsessed with something?


Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

That's a neat poem. I like the last part, where her emotions could not longer be read. There was a shift in their connection, a deeper one.


Chris said...

This is cool; I really like how you ended it with such a simple thing, but it's so true. When we love someone, we don't always know what they're thinking or feeling, but part of the joy and the excitement is learning and finding it out.

Adrian Paul said...

Wow beautiful! So touching at the end that you gave her serenity and peace of mind. I don't know about being obsessed, but I have definitely taken a liking to something very greatly.

Anonymous said...

Nice...your poems always end with a bang! I like that:)

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