Saturday, February 19, 2011

Succubus: A Poem

Feelings for a girl
That I wish to squeeze into a ball
So small
That my feelings are almost all gone,
Bounce it against a wall
Let it fall,
Maybe never see it again,
Do anything with those feelings
Besides having them inside of my head.

She plays hard to get,
I can’t stand it
When she calls and leaves messages
And wants to talk
But never picks up
When I call her
I hear the dial tone ring
But no one’s answering.
Beep. Beep.
An incessant beep
Is all I hear
Instead of her tranquil voice
Next to my ear.
Where could she be?

I got to stop
And think
What the heck am I doing,
All these possibilities,
And fantasies and dreams
Are no longer
As good as reality
That idea planted
Of only being with her.

Does this period
In this text,
This tiny little spec
Mean that our talking is done?
Or she loves to screw with my mind?
How do I end this infatuation
And obsession?
Crap, I should answer this next question
That she sent
And reply
As soon as I can,
What was it that she hated?
What was it that she said?
Am I the one leading or am I the one being led?

Smiley faces and emotion icons
Exclamation marks
And typing so fast,
Fingers have no time to relax,
All I can think of hearing her next words
And hanging out with her,
But does she do this with all the other guys?

She grins sheepishly
When she’s around me,
I can’t stand--
But fall for her,
Her and her spontaneous attitude,
Those green whirlpools that she calls eyes
I can’t help but look at them
As they take me away.
The smell of her perfume drives me insane
Because it reminds me of those summer strawberry fields
And all those summer days,
And her humming is pure bliss,
Is she a succubus?

Whenever she’s near
I try to breathe
But can’t help but feel those very same vortexes
In her skull,
The things we call eyes,
And I’ve realized
That those windows to the soul,
Take not only my breath away
But a lot more.

She plays these mind games
Smashes my brain like clay
Tries to form it,
But I can’t let her take control,
I can’t let her change me,
I am who I am
But why is it that I can’t feel anymore
And all I do is react
Instead of act
Out of my own intentions
Out of my own mind,
I hear the phone ring,
I hear the answering machine
And her voice being recorded
The file cabinets in my mind are all now sorted
To see that she is tricking me
Into believing that she is the only one,
But now all of this is done.

So I click the button,
And say goodbye to the girl
I once knew.


Rafi said...

oh snap, bitch got wrecked

Shadow said...

sheeesh, yes, say goodbye!!!

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