Monday, February 21, 2011

Technical Difficulties (3)

My computer has no internet and a lot of other problems, so for a week or so I will be out trying to fight the nasty ninjas that implanted something in my computer to stop it from working, destroy their home base, fight the evil ninja overlord, and obtain the secret into getting my computer to work again. Until then, please enjoy some of my older posts.

Vatche runs away into the darkness and becomes one with the shadows. "Time to kick some ninja ass!"

Police Commissioner Gordon appears in the background along with his son watching Vatche run away. "What is he, dad?" Gordon's son asks his father while staring into the dark alley.

"He's not Batman, that's for sure," he says bluntly, "but an average guy just trying to save his computer from evil ninjas." Gordon puts his hand over his child's head. "Let's go home."


Adrian Paul said...

OMG sounds like you have a big adventure mission ahead of you! I hope you can fix it!

Rafi said...

So.... lemme break this down. Ninjas = computer virus. Ninja overlord = porn site you got your viruses from. nice...

Chris said...

Good luck! *dons ninja mask and joins you in the fight*

Anonymous said...

Boo, hiss, nasty ninjas, go away.

I hope your computer problems get resolved.

Bryce Ellicott said...

Ah yes, computers. They make our lives easier.
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