Monday, February 14, 2011

Your Valentine: A Poem

My love can never be expressed in any cards,
No petals or roses can ever be enough,
Chocolates of any kind wouldn’t suffice
Because all the stars in the universe
Wouldn’t amount to the number of butterflies
In my stomach
For you.

Can you hear it?
The fast, skipping beats of a heart,
My heart,
I can hear yours too.

They say that if they skip to the same beat
That we are each other’s soul mates.
How many times did I wish for this moment?
She loves me or she loves me not,
Throwing away the petals of every flower I can find
Until I saw you
And in your eyes
I saw the passion,
I saw the world,
I saw the beauty of the universe,
And I started to understand all those songs and poems
I started to understand all those things about love,
Because at that one glance
I took the chance
To say, “Hello.”

We met
Had some awkward moments
Here and there,
Silences that I couldn’t bare
Because at all those times,
I really wanted to kiss you
Just to fill the void,
And when we did finally kiss,
I didn’t need to breathe any longer
Because I can feel your life, your energy,
Becoming mine,
And my energy, my life
Becoming yours,
Intertwining in each others arms,
We were one.

The soft touches across each other’s necks,
The way our fingers danced in each other’s hairs,
The smiles and laughs as our bodies crashed
Into another realm better than being awake or in a dream,
A serene place,
Where only lovers can be.

So, today,
I wish you the happiest of Valentine’s Days,
Not with anything in hand,
Except for my heart,
Even though I give it to you everyday,
And you give it back,
But now it officially belongs to you,
Because no one can express my love but me,
No cards, flowers, or candies,
No balloons, animals, or restaurants
Even the greatest of the great
Could ever be enough for you.

Happy Valentine’s Day
And I love you.

What was the best Valentine's Day gift you've ever gotten? What's the best Valentine's Day gift that you've given? 


Bubbles said...

Best Valentine's Day gift I got was a boyfriend, who gave me a bear with a red ribbon. I still carry it around a year later and will continue to do so.

M. said...

when I was ten..he gave me (he was also ten with blue eyes and played the piano for me over the phone..)So anyway he gave me a light bulb that inside he had filled with seeds! White seeds with a black heart on them!Not painted but naturally the seeds where like that!I dont know where he found them..Amazing..
After the age of ten I never liked all this fuzz about this day.A true know, is just romantic, without a calendar..
love your poem

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