Saturday, March 26, 2011

Every Word Counts

Every word counts. I learned this working on a new spoken word piece of mine, while listening to professional spoken word artists perform their pieces on Youtube for some inspiration. Hearing them made me realize how each of their words was carefully picked to get a specific reaction out of the audience. It’s interesting how much I learned from spoken word that I didn’t really learn from any other writing form or book.  I feel as though all of my works that I have written before today are flimsy in their word choice with a lot of and’s, but’s, just’s, and other excessive words that could easily be cut out to make my writing more streamlined.

However, after cutting out so many words from the piece, it looks like a skeleton of its former self. When revising over something, one has to find a middle ground between the fluff and the skeleton. Seems obvious, right? Well, I feel like I still find myself using excessive words and losing what the real piece is talking about after a while.

Have you ever had any trouble with revising or cutting out certain phrases or words from your writing?

Here are a few spoken word pieces that are carefully worded and beautifully written. 




Bluestocking said...

I tend to have a problem with scope. I'm first and foremost a novelist. So whenever I try to write shorter, I end up with long-winded stories or stories that are too wide ranging for the medium. I've gotten better at cutting down the long-winded ones, and they often feel lighter and move quicker on the page. I may still miss an adjective here or a pretty bit of phrasing there, but the clarity and succinctness usually wins out. Best of luck at your next open mic!

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