Monday, March 28, 2011

A Love/Hate Letter Between Pen and Paper

(So, today in Uncultivated Rabbits, the spoken word/poetry club at UCI, we had a workshop based on a  letter between two inanimate objects, which was inspired by the Sarah Kay poem, "A Love Letter..." I worked with a good friend of mine named Jordon and we ended up creating this piece about the relationship between a paper and pen. Let us know what you think!)

Paper: Dear Pen,
Pen: Dear Paper,

Pen: I love flowing my juices onto you,
        But you make me bleed,
        Can't you see that maybe this relationship was meant to be.

Paper: As you write on top of me,
           Your tip spewing your luscious thoughts
           Down my body
           Penetrating boldly, tracing the letters on my skin,
           By the end of this love game, you will win
           The prize -- your thoughts, your words, your everything in me--
           I mean, on!

Pen: I love how you easily give in,
Paper: I love how you easily take

Both: But, there is a problem

Pen: You cut and make me run dry
Paper: You scratch and sometimes tear

Pen: I've moved onto other pages
Paper: You've used me up until there's no more,
           And made me your whore,
           Watched as you moved onto the next sheet
           Leaving me behind with your thoughts, your words, your everything.
           I am just trash.

Pen: I'm sorry this is the end for the both of us,
       Hopefully, we'll go our separate ways and
       Maybe I'll revisit you someday.

Paper: It is not you who is done with me,
           I'm done with you,
           So, I hope not to see you soon.

Both at the same time:
Pen: Sincerely,
P.S. I love you.

Paper: Sincerely,
P.S. Fuck you.

Here's a link to Sarah Kay's "A Love Letter...":


Elisabeth said...

How clever. This poem works exquisitely. It's not a bad connection to make between two other inanimate objects like dust and brush, car and road, river and bridge, the list goes on.

lines n shades said...

just found your blog. glad to be here.

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