Saturday, March 12, 2011

Open-Mic (2): Love Shot

I performed on Monday as an "official member" of the Uncultivated Rabbits, the spoken word group at the UCI campus, for my first open-mic with a spoken word piece that I memorized. I admit that I screwed up in the beginning and that I was shaking, but I pulled it off in the end. I feel as though with the Rabbits keep pushing me to do up my game through their positive attitudes and the atmosphere that they bring with them. I'm truly glad that I found them and in a way, they found me.

So, here's the video of that performance and I hope you enjoy it. Let me know any more suggestions on what I can change and help me improve on. The last group of comments, which were mostly on Facebook, really did help me on this performance, so thank you to all of my friends that helped me with the constructive criticism and comments. And thank you everyone for reading and watching!


(This video is brought to you by the Uncultivated Rabbits and Kevin Mai. Thank you!)

*Also, I won't be doing posts for this week because my computer is starting to really hate me and keeps freezing and finals are coming up. I'll see you all in a week!


Elisabeth said...

Great stuff, after a bumpy beginning your words really rocked out. Such powerful poetry. Thanks.

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