Monday, April 11, 2011

Boogeyman: A Spoken Word Piece

(This is a small piece I wrote for Take Back the Night on campus, but since I didn't get a time slot with the Uncultivated Rabbits for the event, I'll just share the piece on here. It relates the men, who sexually assault women, to the boogeyman.)

Let me tell you something that you would've never guessed,
The boogeyman exists
Just as much as shadows
He crawls up behind you
Wearing human skin
Has sincere eyes but they are placed in his skull to shine like jewels to deceive because they are fake.
He tricks women into falling into bed with him
You think there is nothing up his sleeves
He hypnotizes and stuns them with fear
He has these long hands that are as cold as the dead’s
He whispers the things girls love to hear but they all mean nothing to him
He steals more than their hearts
He burglarizes their bodies
Taking away their passion, their feelings, and leaving them with nothing
Except in the dark and wanting to go back home or time way before they ever saw the beast.

The boogeyman exists,
He lives even after he disappears
Inside your head
Infecting your mind
Repeating those memories, those nightmares, and that night,
He is a monster come to life--
And you begin to see him everywhere
Across the streets or behind you in the mirror
There waiting for another round
Smiling and licking his mouth
Can’t help but try and forget that night and the sounds of screams
And the powerful wishing for it to stop,
And how everything went all wrong.
Breathing is heavier than it ever was before,
Lungs feel like they are about to explode like dynamite inside,
Your mind swallows all that has just occurred
Because you just saw a real-life monster.

The boogeyman exists
But now instead of living in the outside world
He takes residence inside of you
And will forever be there until you vanquish him
Like the way you did when you were a little kid
By taking it one step at a time
Hiding underneath the blankets won’t protect you this time
Turning on the lights might help,
But the only real way to stop him
The only real way of keeping him away
Is to beat him at his own game,
Make him frightened of you
By being stronger than him
You have to stop hiding underneath those sheets
Have to stop wishing
And start doing
By becoming stronger and fighting off the monster
Admit you were defeated once,
But know that you will thrive again
Like a blossoming flower against the snow, the wind, and everything else
You will eventually bloom
You will outstand all those others
By speaking your mind
By letting go of the monster on your back
In your mind and in your eyes,
All it takes is to move your lips, breathe, and speak
Tell others your stories
Warn them of the boogeyman
Because he exists,
But not underneath the bed or in your closet anymore
He lives on the streets
Disguised as us,
Real human beings.

Who is the boogeyman for you?


Shadow said...

very real, these words. excellent writing!

Elisabeth said...

To me the boogey man, my boogey man, is jealousy, green and slithery it course though my veins and curdles my blood. Great poem here, Vachte.

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