Saturday, April 9, 2011

Untitled: Cute, Innocent Love Poem

(Lately, I haven't been one for cute, lovey-dovey poems or just love in general because I'm still trying to figure out what that means, but here's one from a while back that I wrote about some random girl that I met and had a few good times with.)

I want to write a love poem for you,
But I don’t think every word in this language and every language in the world is enough
To describe how much I really like you.

How about a picture then,
They say a picture is a thousand words,
But to describe you for what you really are,
For who you truly are,
I would have to take a billion of a million pictures with a trillion photographers and painters,
Just to describe one side of you
And for those of you wondering,
That’s a lot of zeros.

But I’m not good at painting or photography,
So I have to stick with just words for right now
And might as well start with those words that I know
And I’ll start with English,
Move my way into Armenian,
Learn all the romantic tongues
And work my way down to the dead languages, like Latin
So, here it goes—

Your eyes are gentle and are like dark lakes that have a glimmer of light as if the moon was reflecting in the darkest of night,
Your eyes seem like that they can pull anyone in and they ripple every time you see a familiar friend,
They shake and you open the door to your soul whenever you have your eyes meet someone else’s
You invite them into your mind.
You took me in one time—
But I never got out.

You know how to write, you know how to paint, you create music for everyone to hear
You want to make a noise
So people can hear you,
But you don’t like all the attention
Because you’re shy
And I find it funny every time
That you burst out into laughter
And turn as red as the beautiful rose that you are,
And the way that you crinkle your nose
When you think something is up between the two of us,
Especially on my side
Because you know I always want to surprise you with something new.

And I love how you stand up
And always want to try something new
Like really exciting and spontaneous things that actually kind of scare me,
But it’s okay as long as I’m with you,
But do we really have to go bungee jumping or wave riding?
Sky diving is cool with me as long as I can share my parachute with you.
And you know how to listen,
Your ears point up as soon as you hear a voice
You take all their words into memory
Imagine the stories that they are telling you
Give them advice and make them find their way again through the dark
All they have to see are those glimmering whites in your black eyes
And they’ll find their way out of the shadows
Because your eyes are like lanterns.

Your hands are not soft, but rough
From all those battle-scars you hold,
And when they grasp mine they are warm
But I didn’t mind holding them
And dancing with you.
Oh, and dancing,
That’s another thing you just so happen to be good at too,
So passionate that even though the guy is supposed to lead,
You started to lead me,
I was about to do some twirls and spins,
But you stopped me with a smile
And said that you will follow me.

You think you are weird,
But I think that we are all a little bit kooky on the inside,
I’m especially crazy around you
But that’s just my normal self,
Because I know that I can trust you enough to see the real me.

And we do have those endless talks,
But they are always about something new
And something deep to think about,
And sometimes I end up running my mouth
But I love how I got to know you
And you got to know me
And yet there is still that hint of mystery behind each of our histories,
But there is still time
To figure out all the pieces of each other and
All the secrets between us
So just give it more time.

Every time I’m around you I’m nervous,
And after all of this,
I still haven’t admitted a single word
Of how much I really want us to date,
How much I want us to be together,
But right now, let’s just keep it like this,
Because I don’t want to screw anything up,
But yeah, this is only the first part of the story
And I have a few more languages to continue it in,
So now, onto Armenian!

What is love to you? It can be a symbol, action, sign, something that happened in your life, anything.


Fransisca Angela said...

Words, always enjoy reading yours.

Shadow said...

delightfully light and carefree words...

Ms Mahawar said...

Great creation!

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