Monday, June 20, 2011

The Return

I’m back.

A lot has changed since the last time you probably saw me (or heard from me, in this case). I’ve changed physically, mentally, emotionally, and any other way possible. But I think I’ve told you all before, change is the only constant in life, right?

I have been through a lot of things and a few personal battles within myself. It took me a lot of courage to start writing again, so sorry if I’m a bit rusty. I’m trying to pick up the pen again and write those stories, but it’s going to take some time. I’ve been writing in my journal though, but that doesn’t really count as creative writing in my mind. I’m just cataloging the events that go on in my life every few days, so I don’t forget what happened. Little by little, one word at a time, I’ll write my stories down.

I’ve crossed over—in a fraternity, that is! It’s a brand, spankin’ new fraternity on the Irvine campus known as Delta Sigma and I pledged for ten weeks. I wanted to try something new and branch out from Sierra, because I knew that my hall was soon going to disperse. I took the advice of several Sierran alumni and chose to branch out by pledging to this multicultural fraternity. It’s different from the party fraternities that you see on television and it’s not Greek. D-Sig is a co-ed and doesn’t have a “little” system like other fraternities, but a family system. We’ve done several fun events like tight-rope walking, a retreat to San Pedro, and salsa dancing. I’ve made new friends and hope to be a bigger part of Delta Sigma in the near future.

(Picture of Delta Sigma taken by Steve Nasser) 

Because of Delta Sigma, I’ve also have a new girlfriend as well. She is beautiful, smart, funny, cute, adorable, wise, and this big bundle of joy that you just want to take home with you. I wrote several poems about her and she has become my muse. She’s one of the people that helps me write this today.

School, school, school. A big part of my life, especially since I was living on campus. The Sierra class of 2010-2011 has been dispersed all throughout campus. Some have remained behind as S.P.’s (Sierra Programmers) and others have gone to do better things, but still keep in contact with everyone else.  A new batch of Sierrans are going to come in the fall and we’ll all meet up again, as many of us as we can muster, to greet the new Sierrans and tell them all the good times we had in the hall. Sierra lives on in all our hearts and memories, even though we don’t live physically in the building anymore. 

(Picture of Sierra taken by Alex Kim)

Also, my grades have kind of suffered though because of this quarter. I’ve had trouble keeping up with some of the more difficult classes and am now pursuing a second major in Psychology and Social Behavior along with my English degree. It’s become tough to juggle classes, social life, and my health but I’m going to pull myself out of this rut someway, somehow!

Speaking of health, I need to get back into shape. I’ve remained the same weight, but I want to lose some more chub-chub, gain a few muscles, and try to tone my body. So, I’ll be working on that as well this summer.

Besides all of this, I want to add a new addition to the blog. After every post, I’m going to post a video of a song from Youtube that I really enjoy. Music has always been a part of our lives since we’ve been born, especially to me, since I’ve been in college. Hearing a sweet voice at times, that knows how you feel at that very same moment, singing in those headphones, has really helped me throughout the year. So, I want to post a video after every piece now to share some of my favorite songs with you, my dear readers. Let me know your favorites by that same artist or bands that are similar. Maybe we can discuss topics about lyrics or beats and start a conversation going?

Lastly, I would like to thank all those who have stuck by me for this hiatus and didn’t leave me behind. So, thank you friends, family, followers, and everyone else. I love you all and I thank you for the support. It’s good to be back! :3

Song of the Day: "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole


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