Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Catch Up

The first week of school went by as fast as you can say, “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” Slowly and gruelingly, work has become a repetitive thing and I don’t know how much longer I can stand people being amazed by the bursting boba.

“Oh my god, are those fish eggs?”

“Excuse me, what are those?”

“Oh, look its caviar.”

Over the summer it was the sweet, red beans that surprised people. I’m slowly losing my sanity. The only people that used to keep me entertained were my co-workers, but now they’ve all moved on or quit. I’m moving up the ladder and becoming a shift leader soon, but I have to show that I’m worth it. It has been difficult for me to maintain a job at night, while being in school in the morning and afternoon.


I’m still trying to get into one of my classes. Due to recent budget cuts, there are over 450 students in a 399 person lecture hall. It’s a shame to see a good school like a University of California have to go through budget cuts. I told the teacher that I will sit in, write notes and take my exam on the floor if it means getting into this classroom. The teacher is funny and always makes sure that his students are paying attention in his class. It’s worth it, even if I have to sit on the floor.

I’m also taking my first creative writing class for the quarter. So far, I’m just reading a few short stories and a book on writing, but near the middle of the quarter is when the creative writing part starts. I’m excited!

Besides that, the other interesting class I’m attending is poetry. Truth be told, I never liked poetry when I wanted to venture into a writing career. I liked characters, stories, adventures, etc. Poetry was too short for my attention span and was just an ounce of feeling compared to the immense connection to the characters that I read about. However, since Rabbits, I’ve learned that poetry is more than any of that. It is life embodied. I told my poetry discussion leader that I was involved with Rabbits and spoken word poetry, which led us to a discussion of his outreach project. He is having this project where he is outreaching to high schools, mostly junior high school students, and holds workshops for them. I thought it was interesting and he said that he didn’t have much experience with spoken word, so he wanted to recruit me if I wasn’t too busy. I told him to sign me up at the end of class. Despite my busy schedule, I want to show poetry to these little kids at an earlier age than when I discovered its true meaning.

As for my fraternity, we’ve been running events all throughout RUSH week. For those of you know who don’t know the fraternity jargon, RUSH week is when a fraternity holds a bunch of events that invite people who might be interested in the fraternity for free, so they can interact with all our members and decide if they want to pledge. We had a big number of sign-ups, but we only ended up taking a group of nine. Nine. I feel like that number is a strong group for the new family that’s going to be born. They will be strong, I can feel it.

Here are some out of the ordinary things that I did this week that weren’t part of my schedule: sent a package to Japan, stayed up finishing an application for RA with my best friend/roommate, partied hard, started an inspiration wall in my room, finished a journal, performed for Uncultivated Rabbits’ First Open Mic of 2012 and Delta Sigma's Culture Cafe, and went to Santa Ana and Pomona.

I’ve also started a side-project of mine that is sort of like journaling, because of a quote that I found recently.

“Buy a blank notebook. Draw a huge heart on the cover. Don’t write anything negative in here. If you need another outlet, make a separate notebook. This one is all about love, personal growth, and getting back up. Fill it with beautiful images, reaffirming thoughts, and quotes. Write in it every day, and each day writing one thing you’re grateful for in your life.” ~ Kim: Advice from a Mermaid in a Manhole

So, I did just that. I’m writing down all the things I’m grateful for and I might share a few here on this blog when I get the chance. I’m also going to try and take some pictures, when I can of my life, because I want to keep some memories here and show you some of the things a student writer such as myself lives. Beautiful, ugly, mundane, special, exciting, and dull. All will be posted.

Lastly, I know that I haven’t been posting things this past week, but it’s been a hell of a juggle. However, I still love all of you readers, because you’re my friends and not only followers. I open up to you and I want to hear how you are all doing, as well. I would love a comment or two about how your weeks are all going.

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