Tuesday, July 3, 2012


To my dear readers,

The building blocks of my life have fallen, been rearranged, deconstructed, and reconstructed. Right now, dear readers, I’m on a journey of self-reflection. I’m thankful for all of those people that have stuck it out with me for so long. I have learned a lot from all of you and I hope that some of you have maybe learned something from me, or at the very least, have been entertained by some of my stories.

This blog was a part of me.


I have moved on with my writing. I still write every day and have realized that as of today, I want to bid farewell to this blog and start something fresh and new. I’m very proud of this blog, because it was there when I needed something to reflect on, when I needed help with a certain topic or issue, or when I needed to find some sort of outlet to express myself. However, it became less and less fun and to be honest, I lost my passion for writing and had a dry spell for a few months, because of some of the things that happened in my life, like the separation of certain best friends, the death of my sister, and my encounters with depression due to several aspects of my life falling apart. However, I’m trying my best this summer to get over a lot and spending this time for self-reflection. I’m losing some weight because I’ve gained 30lbs, since a few months ago and my life wasn’t going in the direction that I wanted it to go. Now, I’m taking this bull named Life, by the horns, and riding it toward a direction that I want to.

I’m exploring religion a lot more, especially since the death of Francesca. I’m looking into Taoism a lot, a little bit of Buddhism, and am planning on reading the Bible straight through. I’m not hoping to finish any of these studies by the summer, because I hope to remain a student of life forever, which is why I named this the Student Writer’s Mind.

Besides religion, spoken word poetry has become a new venue for me to express things to people without any worry of people not understanding.  This idea that I can express everything to an audience and that there will always be someone snapping or humming to my words, knowing what I’ve been through has always been reassuring to me. You can always search my name on Youtube. All you have to type in the search bar is: Uncultivated Rabbits Stitch. I hope to hear comments from you, whenever I can.

As for this blog, I don’t know if I’ll come back to it or not. Time will tell. As for now, I need to do some traveling and adventuring in familiar places and some places unknown. I will be at the crossroads of Anywhere, Somewhere, Nowhere, and Life. I ask only for your support and your constant kindness, which you have always given me and that I’m thankful for. I care for all of you and all your stories, would love to read them, and hear all your inspiring words and more. If you ever want to reach me, my email is vyousefi@uci.edu. Thank you for always being there. 

Write on.

Vatche "Stitch" Yousefian